Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Congo's war against FDLR rebels: MONUSCO and DRC strategy 's to round-up and Kill Gen Mudacumura and Gen. Omega

In the mountains northwest of Goma , the war against the Rwandan FDLR militia begins. The army is going on without regard to the population.

Mweso taz

Witonze Nzambonipa based in speaking his head with his hand , as he is in pain . The boss of the displaced persons camp Mweso an odyssey through the jungle behind, with his wife and four children. For eight years they have lived in a camp of mud huts and tents on a hill overlooking the town Mweso .

Below the camp, a muddy road winds through the valley . She continues north - high up in the mountains and forests , where the rebels are hiding . " We have great fear of the next war , but also hope that we can then finally back to our village ," he says.

Nzambonipa comes from the village Kivuye , a few miles away . There, the fighters of the Rwandan Hutu militia FDLR are (Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda ) . In his house Rwandan Hutu , women and children of FDLR soldiers live. Ordered his field . He knows from his neighbors, who had returned to Kivuye - but again a little later pitched in IDP camps . The location was not safe , they said. Thus , the family man perseveres on.

Last week officially began the military operations of the Congolese army against the FDLR . On the hills north of Mweso relate soldiers position. From the IDP camps from observed Nzambonipa , roaring as daily military vehicles by Mweso - to the north , where the FDLR maintains its quasi- state within a state . The mountains and the jungle up there offer the Hutu fighters cover . They control the only road up there . That should be over soon now .

A secret plan

But how? Until recently doubted diplomats in the provincial capital Goma, whether such operations against the FDLR was even feasible . There had been disagreements between the Congolese army and the UN mission MONUSCO . Since November, a joint attack plan was hatched . Congo's President Joseph Kabila, but he refused to sign it . Last Friday came Congo Chief of Staff General Didier Etumba from Kinshasa with its own battle plan to Goma. There was confusion : Now was not more of " common " operations, the speech, but of an operation, the Congolese army FARDC " with the support of MONUSCO " . This means that the Congolese lead UN troops provide backing and the UN mission paid : food rations, fuel , equipment.

The Secret new plan , in which the received taz insight , provides to surround the positions of the FDLR commanders and zuzuschn├╝ren the ring slowly. The simple fighters and their wives and children to be surrendered and returned to their homes by the UN Rwanda. Then remain as military targets FDLR military chief Sylvestre Mudacumura and the FDLR commander for the province of North Kivu , General Omega, remain. Mudacumura hiding a few dozen kilometers north of Mweso near the village iHula with his most trusted fighters . Hutu refugees serve him as a human shield - a quandary for the attackers . General Omega is easier to attack : He hides and moves in the Virunga National Park, Africa's oldest nature reserve around Goma, with special units . There are no civilians only elephants and buffalo.

The guides are turned off

The idea: Are off the two military commanders , the strictly hierarchical FDLR incapacitating . Left for a possible agreement remains the political leadership to the reigning FDLR President Victor Byiringiro . But displaced boss Nzambonipa is not confident . Daily meeting new Congolese Hutu families in his camp , he says. " They fear that they will be held for FDLR or abused by them as shields ," he explains . The whole population north of Mweso is on the run . For decades in this field is not present the state . Since then, the FDLR fighters have retreated there because of the pending operations in the forests , there is a total power vacuum. In the hospital Mweso be injured with gunshot wounds. In Kitchanga eight Hutu were hacked with machetes.

Nobody knows who the perpetrators are . One thing is clear : Other local militias are preparing to take the vacant FDLR territory.


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