Saturday, July 23, 2016


Byumvuhore M,

I am  Dr Byumvuhore Michel and I am a Biophyicist working with one of the International Research Centers in Geneva. I am a Rwandan by my father's side and a Burundian by my mother's side. However, I have never been in Burundi because I was born in Rwanda and grew up in Rwanda I still live in Rwanda right now although my work takes me around the globe in different conferences and symposia. When I read Mr. Ignatius Ssuuna's article on the Associated Press I was in the plane from Kigali heading to Paris for a conference. I felt an urge to comment on it as a way of contributing to the nation building and also educating some people who might be either willingly or unwillingly ignorant about Rwanda since 1990s to this day. First to put this in perspective I would like to analyze each paragraph in order to help the Associated Press or any readership understand what to be in Rwanda means for different Rwandan communities that are currently under the Rwandan Patriotic Front's regime. I have to apologize for not writing this article from Rwanda because of two main reasons: 1) when I am in Rwanda I am not allowed to read anything that is not told by the RPF newspapers such as IGIHE.COM, IMVAHO NSHYA, among others, 2) while inside Rwanda, like most of the Rwandans, especially those who come from the other side of the tribal outfit, I am (we are ) not allowed to write anything negative about the RPF regime regardless of the circumstances because that is the kind of African democracy that we get bred in America. The kind of leadership Rwanda got is similar to the Ugandan one of Yoweli Museveni, and the Ethiopian one of Meles Zenawi. To understand all these three regimes you have to ask the people who live under them.

When you write "Members of Rwanda's security forces are arresting beggars, street children, sex workers and other "undesirables" who are arbitrarily detained in centers described as harsh and inhuman, Human Rights Watch said Thursday." To assist you understand your own writing I will start analyzing one by one of your article and try to put it in a contextual understanding so that you will be able to understand what we as Rwandans understand when we read your articles about Rwanda. Member of the Rwandan security forces are members of a tribal forces formerly called Rwanda Patriotic Army (RPA). This army is dominantly Tutsi from the president who is the Commander in Chief to the lowest ranking soldiers. at least 83% of them are Tutsis who make up only 14% of the Rwandan population. In other words, Rwanda does not have an army instead it has a tribal militia group supported by the western world, especially USA and UN making it a "legitimate forces" but in the eyes of the Rwandan majority, this is a Tutsi force designed to police Hutus and protect American looting interests in DR Congo.

When the Kagame's regime say that they "are arresting beggars, street children, sex workers and other "undesirables" who are arbitrarily detained in centers described as harsh and inhuman, Human Rights Watch said Thursday," Beggars, street children, and sex workers means " Hutus." Hutus and Twas are the only people in Rwanda who have been impoverished by the Kigali regime and therefore the above classes come from the Hutus. Beggars and street children come from the Hutu families which disintegrated in 1990s and 2000s when the RPF got power and killed or imprisoned their parents then the children ended up in the streets whereas their mothers became beggars after many Tutsi families from DRC, Burundi, and Uganda came back and grabbed their parents properties by force. To prove this to you is the Jali and Muhazi Ranches both owned by the Kagame family and yet these ranches had families before the coming of the RPF, where did these families go? You have to ask yourself some of these questions before writing. Sex workers are Hutu young women who have finished schools with high grades but they cannot be given jobs because most of the jobs in this country are the reserve of Tutsi women who graduate in different colleges around the country. This is because they are the ones who own means of paying school fees, buying books, and affording good schools because the RPF and USA-based organizations supported by the Clintons, Warren Buffet, and Rick Warren have put in place enough resources to assist Tutsis go to any schools of their choices. This answers the questions of loitering, begging, and sex-working people here in Rwanda, now let's move on to your next paragraph.

To understand the cost of the Rwanda appearance is for you to either go to Iwawa Island, Kami Prison, or ask the kids who are imprisoned at Iwawa. These kids most of them if not all come from the Hutu tribe. You will never see more Hutu youth in the Rwandan force higher ranking but you will see them in prisons and isolation camps around the country. To help you understand more on this please watch this New York Times video................................................................................

All these kids  you see in this video if you ask what is their tribe they will tell you that they are Hutus. Why should Hutus be put in concentration camps whereas Tutsi kids are going to school? Don't Ask me. Only RPF knows the philosophy behind it which is an "intellectual genocide."

The people who died in a "transit center" in Rubavu in Western Province as a result of injuries from beatings, poor conditions and lack of medical care that the Human Right Watch is talking about included my uncle that I am not going to name his real name because of the security of his family and myself. However, when went to visit him at Rubavu police station he was bleeding in his penis because of the beatings. Those who beat him up thoroughly are Tutsi soldiers and while beating him told him that he was being assaulted because they dont want to see old literate Hutus around who understand the history of Rwandan independence and Hutu revolution in 1959 because they can tell the younger generation about the history of serfdom, torture, and castration that Hutu males had to go through during the 400 years of the Tutsi monarchy. 

Here in Rwanda when you talk about "Undesirable" people it is another way of talking about Hutus. Hutus here have several names that the Tutsi government uses to refer to them in a coded language that only the people of Rwanda understand what the RPF wants to achieve. "Undesirable" means Hutus who are poor and must be get rid of if they are lucky they are not tossed into the rivers across Rwanda they are taken to Iwawa to dig sand for RPF construction projects. A good example is the recent inaugurated Kigali International Business Center that hosted the African Union Summit in July 2016. The sand that built it was from Lake Kivu and was dug by Hutu youth who have been held at the Island against their wish. Again this is another way of reviving the old Tutsi monarchy serfdom system where Hutus worked for Tutsis in their farms and construction work. If you want to ascertain whether these isolation centers are "rehabilitation centers" or concentration centers, ask the kids who have been held there for years without seeing their relatives and they are all from the Hutu tribe. This is what America brought to Rwandans. 

The Rwandan Justice Minister Johnson Busingye that you are talking about saying that he promised to investigate he is the most Tutsi extremist that Rwanda has ever known. He is the architecture of all this mess designed to reduce the Hutu population in the next 50 years according to the RPF manifesto plan, which says that by the year 2070, Tutsis should be the majority in all aspects of the Rwandan life. Some of its plans have been already achieved so far including education, military, employment, and administration. Hutus are just spectators. We all know how RPF torture and make people disappear if the HRW had not interviewed people anonymously we could expect more disappearances across the country in the next three months. Akk these centers scattered around Rwanda were established to implement the RPF master plan of making sure Hutus remain behind in all aspects of life. 

I would urge all Western reporters who work on Rwanda to be careful on whose data they use to access Rwanda's development. If you may agree with me some years ago Rwandan government doctored statistics for economic growth with the help of the Cambridge University what else can't this government do? Just to build more Hutu prisoners or to make them disappear and the next day we discover their bodies in Lake Rweru. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016



Haramakuru amaze iminsi akwirakwizwa yumutwe wigomoye kuri FDLR ngo ubu ukaba uhagarariwe na Muzehe Twagiramungu Faustin na Muzehe Rwaka Theobald. Aba bose bakaba bazwi neza kuba ari abahutu bimikaje inda bagata isoni inyuma. Ubwambere bicishije abanyarwanda batagira ingano mu Rwanda bafata igihugu bagiha Abatutsi ngo bazabagabire umwanya wa ministiri wintebe nuwa ministri w ubutegetsi bwigihugu namagereza. ntibyatinze ubwo urwanda bararuterura barujyana ku mulindi ngo balimo barahima Habyarimana Juvenal nabakiga bali bamaze imyaka 20 kungoma. Bene kanjogera bageze mugihugu ntibatindiganyije uwitwa Rukokoma nuruhare nkurwa Ngarama aba ararorongotanye no muburayi ngo Ba!. Uwitwa Rwaka nakandi gatsiko ko kwa Rukokoma akenshi kagizwe nabahutu bindanini bari bibumbiye mumiryango yamaduka ngo yubahiriza uburemwa bwa muntu yirirwaga abunga inyuma ya Desforges ngo ngaho Habyarimana arica abatutsi ubwo nabo baba bavuye mugihugu ari Kibuno mpa amaguru. Bagize amahirwe baba baruhukiye US, Abandi Canada. Aabenshi mwaba bagambanyi bageze iyo hanze byarabayobeye. Abandi bari bagifite ubwonko bukora babonye uburyo basubira mwishuri kuberako bari barandikiye abazungu amaraporo menshi yo kugurisha u Rwanda ibyo byabahesheje ubuhungiro mwibyo bihugu birukankiyemo. Abandi bari bamaze gusaza nka Twagiramungu na Rwaka ntakandi kazi bari kubona uretse ako gukora munganda zibumba amatafari cg se zitunganya inyama zo mubikombe ahanini ziba zilimo imitubu, ibikeri, ndetse ninjereri. Aho niho Rwaka yabonye akazi ariko nkuko abamuzi neza babitubwiye yakubise amaraundi abiri murizo nganda akagongo kaba karagudutse. Araza yicara murugo akirirwa atikura asenyera abaturage amazu kubera kubara inkuru cyane nkabagore. Kubera ubusaza ubwo leta yo mugihugu yahungiyemo iba umushize kukintu abanyarwanda bahungiye hanze bita WELUFERI (Welfare). Nukuvuga amafranga ahabwa abantu bingwizamuronko badashobora kubona akazi kubera uburwayi cg ubusaza. Ntakindi aya mafranga amaze uretse kuyanywamo ka Plisner. Ako nakabyeri kameze nka Mutzig yahano mu Rwanda. Mubyukuri Bwana Rwaka na Twagiramungu ntakintu kintu gifatika bagira cyafasha abanyarwanda. Ukuntu bisurira bakinukiriza rero ngo bayoboye FDLR byo ntamuntu wabyemera kuko kuyobora umutwe wingabo bisaba imbaraga, urukundo, ndetse nubushobozi. Muribyo byose nkuko tumaze kubisobanura ntanumwe ubufite. Kuvuga rero ngo bafite CNRED iyo izapfa urupfu nkurwa RUD yundi musinzi bitaga Kanyamibwa niba anakibaho simbizi kuko ntamakuru ye duheruka gusoma. Nawe yafashe abana binzirakarengane abatesha FDLR abajyana kuba abamayimayi. Uko byagenze mwese murabizi. Iyo niyo ndwara yabahutu kuva na kera kose. 

Muminsi ishize rero harikindi kimanuka cyari cyahawe amafranga wa WELUFERI iyo muburayi nuko mu mpera z’icyumweru uwitwa Emmanuel Hakizimana uzwi mu bambari bakomeye ba Rukokoma na Rwaka aba ashize nzira no mugihugu cya Mozambique ati mwari muzi se nikindi. Twashinze umutwe urwanya Kagame. Nyabuneka mwekujya mukomeza gutera iseseme rwose. Icyo nabasaba rwose mwiyicarire iyo muburayi murye WELUFERI muhe impunzi zabanyarwanda cyane izabahutu amahoro. Mwegukomeza kuziteranya na Paul Kagame kuko nimwebwe mutuma aza kuzihiga. Iyaba mwarazihoreye zikituriza mubihugu zahungiyemo nyuma yuko mutanga igihugu cyabase nabasekuruza ubu ziba zarihingiye ibigoro zigatura zigatunganirwa. Ariko abantu nka Twagiramungu, Rwaka nuyu ngo ni Hakizimana bamara guhaga za SASOJO bati yampayika twashinze umutwe urwanya Kagame. Mwaroshye abana babanyarwanda nimusabe inema yo kudakomeza kwanduranya kandi musaziye kugasi.

Uyu mugabo rero ugenda asabiriza amafranga nyabuneka banyarwanda ndabinginze ntihazagire umuntu uha nurupfusha umuntu wese avugako atumwe na Twagiramungu. Uyu musaza ntahaga kandi ntanashimira. Yatwonse imitsi kuva kera ubu nimumureke Ububirigi yahaye u Rwanda rurimo kumuha WELUFERI. Niba ushaka gufasha urugamba rwo kuducura ukaba ufite amafranga uzarebe muri benewacu bimpunzi abana batagira kivurira ubajyane kwishuri ubigishe amateka yu Rwanda nimpamvu twaruvuyemo nababigizemo uruha kugirango abatutsi 14% birukane intumbi zabahutu zirenga 80% banabaheze hanze imyaka irenga 30. Ubwo uzaba uranye urugamba rwawe nitugira amahirwe bene Rukokoma nibafatwa numusonga kubera izubusaza nubujyahabi tuzaba tubakize intambara yo kuducura tuzayirwanira twebwe uwbwacu tutagifite kidobya Rukokoma. 

Kimwe na RUKOKOMA, GASANA ANASTASE, RWAKA THEOBALD, EMMANUEL HABYALIMA MUKARU, RUDASINGWA NA KAYUMBA NYAMWASA, nabandi bose bakoranye na FPR uyu HAKIZIMANA nawe numuteka mutwe wadutse nimujya mumubona mujye mwihagurukira mwigendere kuko abantu nkaba tubahaze. Uraruzi iyaba arinka Dr. MURAYI wari warashinze iradio IMPALA yumvikanaga ikigali kumirongo ya ondes courtes abantu bose bakayumva. uyuwe wamutegera amatwi kuko haribyinshi yabashije kugeraho ariko umuntu nkuyu wambaye amakoti nkayabantu bavuye gupakasa za TORORO ho muli yuganda nawe wakoresha ijisho ukareba koko umuntu ushaka kurwana intambara yo kuducura. 

Nkuko byamaze kwandikwa no mubindi binyamakuru byo hirya nohino bihuza abanyarwanda uyu mugabo bishobora kuba ngo ari numutekamutwe wigitangaza kuko ngo usibye uwaba adashishoza nta kuntu Amerika yakwemerera umuntu gutera itamuhaye radio z’itumanaho n’intwaro kuburyo agomba kujya gushushubikanya abantu muri Mozambike ngo nibamuhe amafaranga igitaraganya, akagomba no kubaha amabanga akomeye ya gisirikare nko kubabwira igihe azaterera kugirango bikore mu mufuka badatekereje. Ikindi ntawe uyobowe ibyo Amerika irimo gushaka gukora mu Burundi ku buryo kubeshyera Guverinoma y’u Burundi ngo iri mu bikorwa byo gushaka gutera u Rwanda ikoranye n’Amerika ari ikinyoma kidakwiye kwihanganirwa, tutiyibagije rero no kuvuga ko Amerika n’u Burusiya byananiwe kumvikana kuri Syria ariko bikaba byarahujwe na Rukokoma, Rwaka na Wilson ngo bayifashe gusenya FPR nk’aho hari uyobewe ko kugeza uyu munsi FPR ikiri umushinga wa Amerika kuva hasi kugera hejuru.

Nyabuneka mpunzi zabahutu aho muri hose muri iyi Afrika nahano mu Rwanda mureke twamagane Twagiramungu nabambari be nkuko twabibabwiye ntambaraga namba uretse gutera u Rwanda ntanamatike yindege baba bagira yo kubavana nko mububiri abajyana za Canada kandi itike ari amadolari 1200 gusa. None se udashoboye kwigurira itiki yindege azabona ayo kugura intwaro ate. None se amerika ko muyizi na clintoni akaba akiriho bakuraho amaboko Kagame bate. Niba mudashaka kujya munashigikira na FDLR mwikurikirranire ibikorwa byanyu aho muri hano mubuhiungiro bwa Africa ntimukemerere abatekamutwe biburayi kubicira gahunda. Ibi bitekerezo bicurikiranye rero ntahandi biganisha, usibye gushaka kubiba akavuyo mu barwanya ubutegetsi bwa Kigali, no kureba uko babeshyera u Burundi ngo buri mu bikorwa byo guhungabanya umutekano w’u Rwanda, mu gihe raporo zose zisohoka muri iki gihe zemeza ko Kigali ariyo irimo yitegura gutera u Burundi ikoresheje impunzi z’abarundi ziri mu Rwanda, n’ibikoresho bya ba mpatsibihugu nka Gen Niyombare n’abandi bagambanyi bose biyimeje kumena amaraso mu karere kugirango Amerika igire Kagame umwami w’abami mu karere kose k’ibiyaga bigari.

Mu by’ukuri kuba abayobozi n’abayoboke ba CNRD ya Rukokoma bashobora kujya kurimanganya ngo babone amafaranga birumvikana kuko politiki yabo nta kindi ishingiyeho usibye inda nini. Ikibabaje kandi giteye isesemi n’ukuba umuntu nka Emmanuel Hakizimana yatinyuka kongera kwiyitirira FDLR kugirango abone amaronko kandi inshuro zose yagiye agerageza kuyisenya bitaramuhiriye. Aha twabibutsa ko uyu mugabo yirukanywe muri FDLR bimaze kugaragara ko yagize uruhare mu igumuka ry’abitwa ba Mahoro naryo ryarangiye bose bari mu kagozi i Kigali naho Emmanuel yisubiriye i Burayi. Nizere ko Lt Col Barnabe Sinayobye na Col. Wilson Irategeka bo biteganyirije indi nzira itari iya Mutobo, kuko ababayobotse bo biragaragara aho ibyabo bishya bishyira. Hari namakuru ko Twagiramungu ashobora kuba yaramaze kwemererwa umwanya na Kigali binyuze mumushinga bita Enough Project iyi organization ikaba ariyo iteza akaduruvayu mu karere. 

Icyo twasaba abanyarwanda muri iyi minsi ni ukwitondera abantu bakomeza kwiyitirira FDLR mu itekamutwe rigamije gusenya. Ubwo Wilson n’amashumi ye bakurikizaga amabwiriza ya sebuja Rukokoma bakagerageza kwica abayobozi ba FDLR ngo bayiyitirire nibarangiza bayirohe inyuma ya Rukokoma bikabananira noneho bagahitamo kwiyita CNRD, bavugishijwe menshi arimo ko n’izina FDLR ngo ryavumwe rikaba rigomba guhanagurwa mu mateka. None se ko bavuye muri FDLR balimo kuyitirira bate kandi baravuzeko abayobozi bayo ntakintu bagezeho. Umuntu rero yakwibaza impamvu abambari ba CNRD bafite isoni zo kuvuga ibyo barimo n’ishyaka baherereyemo ahubwo bakihisha inyuma y’izina bavuga ko ridakwiye. Aho ntibaba bamaze kwumva ko rubanda itazigera ijya inyuma y’abagambanyi kandi izi neza ko ari yo mucunguzi nyawe. Tubitege amaso.

Umusomyi wa KEP Maputo, Mozambique

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Umurambo w’umugabo ukekwako yari umucuruzi hano mumugi wa Gisenyi kandi akaba yishwe na DASSO ya hano i Gisenyi wabonetse hano mukiyaga cya Kivu. Umwirondoro wuyu mugabo utaramenyekana imyirondoro ye watoraguwe ku nkengero z’ikiyaga cya Kivu mu murenge wa Gisenyi, aho bikekwako ari FPR yahamushize imaze kumuniga. Muraka karere ka Rubavu hafi y’ahazwi nko kwa Nyanja hakunze kuvugwa ubwicanyi budasanzwe aho FPR yica abantu maze ikaza kubanagam ukiyaga cya Kivu. Nkuko umunyamakuru wacu abisobanura uyu mugabo akaba yarabonetse ku gicamunsi cyo kuri uyu wa gatatu tariki 6 Nyakanga 2016,.
Umunyamakuru wacu yavuganye n Umunyamabanga Nshingwabikorwa w’Umurenge wa Gisenyi, Bwana Mugisha Honoré, yemeje aya makuru avuga ko hataramenyekana icyaba cyatwaye ubuzima bw’uyu mugabo, ariko nkuko bigaragara nuko uyu mugaabo yanizwe kandi abamuzi kwishusho bavugako yari umucuruzi hano mumugi wa Gisenyi. FPR ikaba imaze iminsi yica abantu bo muri aka gace cyane cyane abahutu maze ikaza kubata mukiyaga cya Kivu. Tubibutseko atari ubwambere FPR yica abahutu ikabata mubiyaga no mumigezi yuru Rwanda twese dukunda. Ingero ninyinshi cyane. 
Kwitariki ya 26 Kamena uyu mwaka umunyeshuri mu kigo cy’amashuri yisumbuye cyo mu karere ka Rubavu, yatowe mukiyaga cya Kivu aho abantu baketseko yaba yarasunitswemo na DASSO ya FPR. Muminsi ishize undi musore witwa Nkurikiyumukiza, w’imyaka 19 y’amavuko, wigaga mu mwaka wa kabiri w’icyiciro rusange, yatoraguwe mu kiyaga cya Burera mu gitondo aho bivugwako ari DASSO ya FPR yamwishe maze ikaza kumuta mukiyaga cya Burera kugirango irimanganye ibimenyetso. 
Tugarutse kuruyu murambo wishwe na FPR bigaragara ko umaze iminsi irenga ibiri mu mazi. Ibi bikaba byaratewe nuko abantu batashakga kwivanga mubintu kandi bazi neza ko FPR ariyo yamwishe yagera nyuma ikabibagerekaho. Umwe mubavuganye nabanyamakuru bacu yagize ati "Ikigaragara, uyu murambo wari umazemo iminsi kuko twasanze hari ibice byangiritse nko mu maso, kandi umuntu twasanze yambaye ubusa ntacyari gutuma atangirika ku mubiri." Ibi bikaba bigaragaza ko yakuwe aho yarafungiye hano mumugi wa Gisenyi na FPR maze ikaza ikamuta mumazi nyuma yuko imaze kumwica aho yari yamufungiye kuri police hano mumugi wa Rubavu. 
Umurambo w’uyu mugabo wahise ujyanwa mu bitaro bya Gisenyi kugira ngo ukorerwe isuzuma hamenyekane icyamwishe.
SSP Kalisa Celestin uhangarariye Polisi mu karere ka Rubavu yasobanuye ko bagikomeje iperereza nyuma yo kohereza imodoka ikajya gufata umurambo. Ariko nkuko mwesem ubizi uyu mugabo wumuhutu yishwe na FPR ntarindi perereza dukeneye kenze niba bashaka gukurahi ibimenyetso gusa naho ibindi ntibakomeze gupfusha amafranga ubusa.

Friday, July 8, 2016


By Kayinamura Epimaque

Today, July 4, Rwandans inside Rwanda and across the globe mourn the day they lost GAKONDO, a day that more than a million Hutus and close to 350000 Tutsis lost their lives as the extremist Tutsi led Rwanda Patriotic Front captured Kigali and marked the end of peace, liberty, belonging, identity, and humanity. The day Rwanda descended into abyss.
Memories of our darkest period continue to live on. Memories of onslaught in Kagitumba, Kaniga, Kiyombe, Ngarama, Nyagahita, Mimuri, Rushashi, Bwisige, Byumba, Giti, Butaro, Nyamugari, Nkumba, Kinigi, Ryabega, Kabarore continue to haunt our memories and continue to occupy our thoughts and remain a constant reminder of the day the presidential jet carrying two Hutu presidents Habyarimana Juvenal of Rwanda and Ntaryamira Cyprian of Burundi and the need to stand up and liberate our country and our mothers, fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins, and ancestors. 

The war to protect our ancestral land wasn’t an easy one. Rwandans sacrificed because they did not want to go through what their ancestors went through for a period of 400 years under servitude, serfdom, oppression, torture, and castration of our Hutu males.

The Tutsis who killed Rwandans and took power from our fathers were and are also ordinary people who bleed like you and me. It is a time for you my sister and brother to remember that sitting there and cry will never liberate you from the Tutsi oppressive regime. Today, Rwandans are under the yoke of RPF your people are looking up to you to sacrifice yourself and liberate them. You deny blood to liberate your motherland and greyhounds will lick them from public streets. Ngo wima igihugu amaraso imbwa zikayanywera ubusa.  
I would like to take the opportunity to pay my special tribute to men and women who sacrificed their lives while protecting Rwandans from the onslaught of the Tutsis under RPF.  As you sit thousands of miles away from us I just hope that your offspring and relatives remember that your lives matter and you deserve justice. Rwandans should always endeavor to make sure that your lives were not lost in vain and always remind the oppressors that even 400 years ended and our ancestors emerged victorious.

Our parents volunteered their children to fight to defend Rwanda and Rwandans from Ugandan invasions. Our brothers and sisters left schools and other comfort zones to take part in defending Rwandans who were farmers on the top hills of the thousand hills and the valleys of Rivers Mukungwa and nyabarongo so that we don’t go back to Tutsi serfdom. They spent days without food or sleep, many lost lives, their friends, relatives, children, and wives are now in prisons simply because they are Hutus and lost their country.  

They all sacrificed for what they believed in that we didn’t want another 400 years of oppression, torture, castration, and imprisonment, however we lost because Clintons, Blair’s, among others wanted a piece of minerals in DRC and we were the sacrifices.  Now Rwanda is a country full of tombs, graveyards, jails, prisons, and skulls. Your children no longer have a place to call home and they paid the maximum price of not listening to you. Today I wanted to also let you know that all those traitors died a miserable death those who survived are now homeless, hopeless, and futureless in foreign countries. Here I want to remind you those who tirelessly supported RPF so that they could be rewarded of big positions by RPF after killing Habyarimana. Some of them are now looking miserable as refugees in France, Belgium, USA, UK, Netherlands, and Canada. Do you remember those who used to sing that THERE'LL BE JUBILATION WHEN KINANI'S GONE? Kagame killed one by one like flies. Kanyarengwe and colleagues were buried in unmarked graves. Bizimungu Pasteri is now selling bananas along the streets in Gasyata. Dear ancestors, do you still remember the Twagiramungu and colleagues? The guy who used to call for "Conseleil General" INAMA RUKOKOMA BABYEYI!!! He is too old living far away from home in an Iceland. He indeed misses the beautiful weather of Kigali. On this day, he is now living in "Maison Sociale" surviving on welfare.  He can never come back to Kigali unless he choose to be hosted in 1930. Most of his colleagues are now old and blind living in nursing homes surviving on social welfare in Europe. 
Do you remember the RPF generals and their colleagues? I mean those extremist Tutsis who didn’t want to see any Hutu escaping their Abattoir. I mean those who prepared the killings of your pregnant women and breastfeeding children? I want to talk about Kayumba Nyamwasa, Karegeya, Sam Kaka, Rose Kabuye, Tom Byabagamba, Frank Rusagara, Dr Gasekure, Riwgara Assinapol, Jack Bihozagara, among others. Most of them died in mysterious ways those who are still alive either are walking with bullets holes in their stomachs or they are forbidden to leave their homes or even talk to the flying bird. Dear Ancestors, ever since you were gone things have changed indeed. If your grand kids are not held at Iwawa Island then we will collect their bodies in Lake Rweru in Burundi on their way to River Akanyaru simply because they are Hutus. 

Now that we lost our ancestors country, what is expected of us? Our ancestors did their share, their children did theirs; what is it that is asked of us? What does a country mean to us? Don’t you ever feel ashamed that you are either in exile or inside Rwanda as a second class citizen in the land of your patriarchs? In Rwanda we are being killed every minute that passes those who are lucky are excommunicated to Iwawa Island those unlucky are ferried by River Mukungwa and Nyabarongo or fed Kagame's crocodile firm in Lake Muhazi. 
Frantz Fanon once said: “Each generation must discover its mission, fulfil it or betray it, in relative opacity.” Our grandfathers fought the sons of Kanjogera and ended 400 years of slavery. Our fathers fought against the Tutsis from Uganda, Congo, Burundi, and inside Rwanda. Although they lost the country because they were betrayed by greedy Hutus with big noses and bumpy stomachs, they saved millions who managed to go into exile and their remaining is still fighting it in the jungle. Our generation will be the most blamed because we have strength, knowledge, and technology to know what is going on around us. NITUDATANGA AMARASO NGO TUBOHOZE IKI GIHUGU AMATEKA AZABITUBAZA. 

Today, the question to the young generation is: what is your mission? And upon discovering the mission, the next question will be; how do you go about achieving that mission? Dear young Hutus if you don’t know your mission or understand the problem let me help you identify it. In October 1, 1990 Tutsis from Uganda invaded Rwanda with a single mission, to enslave Hutus again. They were angry that our forefathers had liberated Rwanda from the Tutsi monarch which used to castrate all Hutu males. This struggle achieved our Rwandan independence of the 1st July 1962 that RPF no longer celebrates. In July 4, 1994 Tutsis retook Rwanda and sent millions of Hutus into exile. That is why you see many Rwandan refugees across the continent of Africa and in the Western countries. Those who couldn’t leave Rwanda are now here to pay taxes to the Tutsi government which they use to buy weapons to continue enslaving all Hutus. Those unlucky kids like you and me sometimes end up dead and thrown in different rivers and lakes around Rwanda among them Lake Muhazi where our bodies feed the famous Kagame Crocodile Firm others end up in Lake Rweru in Burundi with their arms tied on their backs. If you don’t stand up and join others to fight this injustice the chances are you will end up either behind bars if you are lucky you will be taken to Iwawa Island to do a forced labor like the ones our ancestors did called "uburetwa or corvee."
As a way forward, the young generation must accept the responsibility to be the cornerstone for the liberation of Rwanda we want. But before you take on the responsibility to liberate Rwanda from the extremist Tutsis who always want to see you dead, you must discover who you are and be ready for the continued aspirations of the Rwanda we want. A Rwanda where all people, Hutus, Tutsis, and Twas are equal before the law and the flag. 

A foundation for the Tutsi kids to fight you in all aspects of your life has been laid with a big window of opportunities. They have access to better education than you. They are offered scholarships to go to betters schools in USA, Canada, South Africa, UK, France, Netherlands, Japan, China, Australia, Turkey, and India. Hutus are the ones to attend technical schools. Those who pay themselves to go to school they are not given jobs. They are told to go to the rural areas. Tutsis now own 70% of all Rwandan economy including the Famous Gorillas now belong to Jeanette Kagame. All banks are theirs and all Tutsi kids are paid schools fees, shoes, drinking water, biscuits, school uniform, milk, and taken to schools by buses. You if you are lucky you are only allowed to live in Rwanda. If your mother goes to sell bananas on the streets so that she can feed you she is killed by DASSO. Your mother is forced to pay health insurance which is owned by RPF business venture if she cannot afford the monthly contribution they will either take her cooking pot or the chicks that have just hatched. If you don’t stand up and fight for your life you are the next to be tossed into River Nyabaronko.

With such uncertainty, the young Hutus should accept the responsibility, to fulfil their mission of being freedom fighters to liberate their people in order to allow their children heir a country of their ancestors.

‘Flame of Darkness in Rwanda’

In all commemorations of the so called Tutsi Genocide, a torch is used to remind all Tutsis their mission to work in unison to enslave Hutus forever. The torch is a symbol and a call to reignite Tutsi ambition of establishing Tutsi kingdom in the region where the rest of the tribes in the region are nothing but slaves.

So it’s up to the present Hutu generation to make sure that they understand the Rwandan symbolism and their meanings in order to fight them to their last breath. This will help to liberate their people. It is the responsibility of the present generation as leaders of today and tomorrow, the people who will liberate Rwanda and make sure they fulfil this mission not betray it the same way some of the greedy Hutus did. 

Rwandan young Hutus also should understand that the Ndi Umunyarwanda does not include Hutus. It means that Rwanda belongs to Tutsi only and the rest are just slaves and farmers who are there to serve and feed Tutsis.  Hutus don’t belong in this Rwanda they are just captives. 

Rwandans who lived first-hand test of the RPF mass killing between 1990 and 1999 should write about lessons from the RPF killings share stories of how they were butchered like pork. This will motivate more young Hutus to embrace new revolution to liberate our motherland from the Tutsi monarch. 

If we do not write, someone else will and they will distort it or write it out of context as we have witnessed in the last 22 years where RPF lies that Rwanda had 1 million Tutsis who were killed in 1994 and yet we all know that when the Tutsis attacked Rwanda, the country had only 6 million Rwandans. Tutsis were only 14% which is only 840000 of all Rwandans. Hutus were over 5 million. However, the Tutsi monarch under RPF have embarked on the distortion of our history and we continue to allow them. In this time of free technology let’s make the records straight. Let's write our history to tell the generation to come our history of betrayal and oppression in the hands of RPF. 

The writer is a Rwandan who finished his education at the University of Rwanda in 2007 but he could not be given a job by the RPF government simply because he is a Hutu. The writer lost both of his parents in Bwisige Commune to the RPF carnage. He later lost all his siblings in Nyacyonga in 1994 when RPF marched to capture Kigali. 

Friday, June 24, 2016


By Nyirarumongi Fatuma

Ibibera mu Rwanda ntahandi birabaho kwisi. Niba ari imizimu myinshi yamaraso yabahutu nabatutsi FPR yamennye mururu Rwanda ituma usanga abayobozi barwo basa naho imbwa zabarigase munsi yikirenge biratuyobera. Nawe ndebera Paul Kagame yibereye nkumwana wikirara iyo atari Dubai areba amafarashi uburyo aba asiganwa aba yagiye kureba Messi muburayi. None se akaga kataraka nakahe rwose. Ngaho mugereranye na Nyakwigendera Habyarimana Juvenal. Ibihe byose yabimaraga mu Rwanda alimo ataha imishinga yamajyambere yari yaragejeje kubanyarwanda. Kuburyo ntamwanya yarafite wo kujya no mugihugu cya Nairobi. Iyo yabaga atatashye ikigo ndera buzima cya Mugambazi yabaga yafunguye imurikagurisha muri Commune Musange cyangwa se yafunguye umushinga wubworozi wa Gisaka Migongo. Ariko ikirara cyacu Paul Kagame iyo atalimo aribwaribwa ngo arashaka kujya kumena amaraso yabarundi cyangwa abanyekongo aba arimo yirenza ba Rwigara Assinapol cg se yohereza amasasu muri Africa yepfo guhiga babyara be Kayumba Nyamwasa na bandi abaniga uwumujwigiro. Muminsi ishize Paul Kagame yavuye Kigali ajya Kenya-Ethiopia-Dubai-Indonesia-Thailand-arangije ahitirako ajya kureba umupira i Londre-ahitira Canada-ajya gusura abana be i New York nuko agarutse afurika anyurira Malabu nuko abona ubugaruka mu Rwanda. Agarutse kubera urugendo yararimo guhungetwa amaso yamuvuye i mutwe. Twari tuziko ariwe wenyine ufite iyindwara ariko twakoze iperereza dusanga ahubwo ari icyorezo murugo rwe. Ari Paul, ari abana be ndetse numugore we ntanumwe uba mu Rwanda bose baba batambagira isi nkibyegera bya Shitani. 
Nawe ngaho tekereza Jeannette Kagame ujya kwizihiza umunsi mpuzamahanga wumupfakazi,akajya kuwizihiriza muri Gabon. Mubihugu bitekanye kwisi bitagira nikibazo cyabapfakazi nigihugu cya Gabon. Ubuzima bwabaturage ba Gabon bwateye imbere cyane kuburyo bafite amafranga menshi. Ibi bigaragazwa nuko umukati abaturage ba gabon banywesha icyayi uba waturutse i Paris ho mu Bufransa. Buri muturage afite amazi munzu televiziyo ndetse leta ya Gabon ishirira buri muturage amafranga kuri compte ye yo kumutunga buri mwaka mugihe mu Rwanda nutwo umuturage yihingiye atemerewe kuturya kubera inda nini ya FPR. Ibyo biherutse kugaragarira umyigaragambyo yakozwe nabaturage bo mu Bugarama batabaza ngo leta ya FPR ntiyemerako barya no kumuceri bihingiye. Ubwo rero biteye agahinda igihugu cyu Rwanda kohereza umupfapfa muri Gabon ngo agiye mumunsi wabapfakazi kandi intumbi zabagabo zasize abapfakazi ziryamye mumikebe namaetajeri mugikari cyo Kwa Jeanet Kagame. 
Ngaho nawe tekereza mugihugu abaturage bagiye kwicwa n inzara, ariko amafaranga yokwishyura indege yumuntu kugiti cye yokujya muri Gabon akaboneka. Nkuko namwe mubyibonera kuraya mafoto ari hasi Janet yagiye mundege yakondesheje yewe ntiyigeze anagendera no muri Rwandair ahubwo bahisemo gukondesha. Mugihe abaturage barigukubitwa na DASSO kuberako balimo gucuruza imineke kurutaro bashakira impinja zabo uyu mugore we ntakintu bimubwiye gukondesha indege ngo agiye munama yabapfakazi mugihe abapfakazi nkabo muri AVEGA AGAHOZO balimo kuririra mumyotsi kandi FPR yaricishije abagabo babo amafranga yakagombye kubatunga FPR ikayishirira mumishinga yayo nka Cryistal Ventures ndi akagura indege zo kujya zitembeza umuryango wa Paul Kagame na Nyiramongi. 
Tekereza iko umupfakazi uri mu Rwanda amerewe. Njye ikibazo ndikwibaza ni iki. Ese mama muri Gabon niho hari abapfakazi benshi kurusha abari mu Rwanda? Ese mwakabyaramwe uyu mubyeyi Jeannette Kagame aratanga iyihe message (ubutumwa) cg inyigisho kubapfakazi bomuri kiriya gihugu(Gabon)? Mugihe abapfakazi mu Rwanda bari kurira ayo kwarika nyiramama wanjye yuriye private jet agiye kuryohera muri Gabon mumafaranga yabapfakazi. Abantu baragwira. Dore uko mbona ibintu. Jeannette Kagame azi neza agahinda abapfakazi bafite, aziko imfashanyo aba bapfakazi bahabwa itabageraho ijya mumufuka we nagatsiko rusahuzi kamwegereye.Jeannette Kagame azi neza imitungo yabapfakazi we numugbo we bikwijeho duhereye kumupfakazi wa Fred Rwigyema, Assinapol Rwigara, Dr Emmanuel Gasakure, Col Kareya, na Jack Bihozagara abo bapfakazi bose babatutsi balimo kurira ayo kwarika. Naho abapfakazi babahutu bo ingoma ya bene Kanjogera yahekuye bo ntitwabarondora kuko nagahiri nagahinda gusa.

Uretse ko hari abapfakajwe na bene kanjogera ubu bakaba baheze ishyanga ibyabo bikaba byarabohojwe nagatsiko.sindigera numva Jeannette kagame avuga kukarengane kaba bategarugoli/ababyeyi bagenzi be. Uretse ko kwirirwa tuvuga kundengane zabahutu kazi byo ntashingiro byagira kuko akababaro kabahutu niwe munezero wabatutsi cyane cyane bene Kanjogera bo mumurynago wa Paul Kagame. Duhereye k' umupfakazi wu wahoze ari president wu Rwanda Nyakwigendera Juvenal Habyarimana.yasize umupfakazi Madame Agatha Kanziga, kugeza ubu ibyabo byose agatsiko karabisahuye. Ariko Jeanet yurira indege ntanurusoni ati agiye mubyabapfakazi mugihugu cya Gabon. 

Uburyo FPR isahura urwanda bigaragaza neza ko ntamugambi bafite wo kuba mururu Rwanda kandi ntwabarenganya kuko nkuko ibintu bilimo kugenda bihindaguria cyane cyane muri politiki yisi, bene Kanjogera bazi neza ko umunsi umwe bazibona basandaye. Nawe se urareba igihugu cyubwongereza cyavuye muri Union Europeenne nabi kuburyo ifaranga ryacyo lilimo kumanuka nkumujugujugu. Mugihugu cya Amerika harigihe uwitwa Trump ashobora gutsinda hiralia maze amata yabatutsi bo mukarere akaba aramenetse ibyo byose urabona bidahangayikishije ingoma yabene mwiishi. 
Madame Janet Kagame rwose uri umubyeyi ntukajye uba umugome nka Paul Kagame kuko ufite abana kandi mubyukuri uzi neza ko umunsi umwe uzaba umupfakazi byanze bikunze. None ndangije ngusaba ngo aho kwirirwa wirukanka mubihugu byamahanga uti yemama ye mama natanzwe wagombye kwicara hamwe ugatuza. Kuko urabizi neza ko nutaba umupfakazi muminsi mike iraza umukobw wawe Ange Kagame azaba we bidatinze. Naho rero wagombye kumara igihe usigaje wiyunga nimana ugafasha abapfakazi bakurira ijoro numunsi muri iki gihugu cyu Rwanda. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016



Nkuko byatangajwe nikinyamakuru cyo muri Uganda the Monitor gisanzwe kizwiho gukoreshwa nabarwanya ubutegetsi bwa Nkurunziza mu Burundi. FPR yabonye ko yananiwe guhirika ubutegetsi bwa Nkurunziza ikoresheje imbunda no kumena amaraso aho imaze iminsi yica abantu bose bashigikiye Nkurunziza. None ubu yahisemo kwinjira mubana biga mumashuri hirya no hino mugihugu cyane cyane abana bo mubwoko bwa abatutsi nabandi barwanya Nkurunziza babakangurira kwigomeka mumashuri bateza umutekano mukeya.
Nkuko umunyamakuru wacu uba mugihugu cyubuganda yabitugejejeho abanyeshuri barenga amagana hirya no hino mugihugu bakomeje gutuka abategetsi buburundi bagamije kugirango abashinzwe uburenganzira bwa agateka ka muntu bahagera maze bakagenda bavugako leta ya Nkurunziza ilimo guhonyora agateka ka muntu. 

Nkuko twabibwiwe nabantu baba mugatsiko ka FPR bakaba ari na nsomambike ya FPR munama yateraniye murugwiro kuya 17 Kamena 2016 mumasaha ya sambiri zumugoroba ubwo hari Bwana Ibingira, Kabarebe, Karake Karenzi nabandi batutsi babahezanguni babaye i Burundi bayobowe na Tito Rutaremara ndetse na Bwana Rajab bemeranyijeko uburyo bwo gutera u Burundi bulimo kugenda bukendera ubu icyagombye gukorwa aruko bakangurira abana batoya bari mumashuri abanza nayisumbuye bakagenda bigaragambya mumashuri bandika ibitutsi kumafoto ya president wuburundi ndetse nabandi bategetsi bayoboye u Burundi mumugambi wo gutuma leta ifata abo bana ikabafunga. Ibi bikaba byafasha umutwe urwanya u Burundi na FPR mugutera u Burundi.

Abana barenga 10 bamaze kugezwa munkiko hirya no hino muburundi cyane cyane bakomoka muduce turwanya Nkurunziza cyane ibi kandi bikaba ahanini bihemberwa nabatutsi baturutse i Kigali bahoze batuye i Burundi bakomeza gucengera igihugu cyu Burundi akaba aribo balimo gukwirakwiza ibi bibazo mubana balimmumashuri. Tubibutseko ibinyamakuru byacu byari byatangaje ko FPR yohereje abatutsikazi bali mukigero cyimyaka 17 na 24 muburundi kugirango bateze akaduruvayu muburundi harimo kuroga abahutu bali mubutegetsi muburundi, gutanga igituba cyubusa kubasore babahutu babarundi bali murubyiruko rwa CNDD-FDD none ubu badukiriye abarimu babaha igitsina cyubusa kugirango bakangurire abana kwigomeka. Ibi bikaba bili mumugambi wa FPR nibihugu biyifasha kugirango bereke amahanga ko leta ya Nkurunziza ilimo guhohotera abana.

Iyi gahunda kandi kaba ilimo gukangurirwa cyane cyane nuwahoze ari umunyamakuru wa Radio Bonesha yi burundi Alice Hakizimana ubu wahungiye hanze akaba yirirwa atuka Nkurunziza kuri facebook  ashishikariza abana kwigomeka kuri Nkurunziza kandi akaba agenda iyo mumahanga abeshyabeshya ko muburundi ibintu byacitse. Tubibutse ko uyu mugore ngo yahoze ari umucuti wa Rajab na Kabarebe. 

Nkuko rero imigambi mibisha ya Kagame itagezweho ubwo yateguraga Coup i burundi muminsi yashize igapfuba nibi ntacyo bizamugezaho. Ikibazo nyamukuru nuko Abahutu bo muburundi bahora ari impumyi kuko ntagihe ibinyamakuru byacu bitahwemye kubagira inama yuwo umwanzi ariwe ko umwanzi wabahutu wishe ababyeyi bacu muri 1972, akica Ndadaye muri 1993, akica Habyarimana na Ntaryamira 1994, akica impunzi zabarundi muri 1997 ikanategura ihirikwa ryubutegetsi bwa Nkurunziza naniwe mwanzi twese turwanya izina rye akaba ari Paul Kagame na FPR gukira iyi kanseri nuko tugomba kuyirandurana nimizi yayo. Ibyo ntibyagerrwaho mugihe abahutu babarundi bakomeje gusinzira aho gufasha abahutu bo mu Rwanda kugirango bashobore kwirinda umwanzi Kagame. AMakosa Habyarimana yakoze nuko yamaze imyaka itanu arwanira intambara mu Rwanda aho kuyirwanira iyo yari yaraturutse mubugande. Uko byagenze murabizi na Nkurunziza natajyana intambara murwanda akagumya kuba mumyuka bamuhushije kenshi ariko umunsi uzaba umwe. 

Monday, June 20, 2016


Mu Karere ka Nyagatare umurenge wa Matimba akagari ka Kagitumba haravugwa ikibazo gikomeye kivangura no kwibasira abantu bose ngo batahavukiye ndetse ngo batanahafite amazu yabo bwite cyangwa amasambu yabo bwite.
Amakuru atugeraho tugikurikirana nuko kuwa gatanu tariki ya 17 Kamena 2016 ,umuyobozi w’akagali ka Kagitumba Mme Mukarugwiza Olive (tel 0788808335) yakoresheje inama abaturage bose b’akagali akababwira ko ngo bafite amabwiriza ava ku karere ka Nyagatare ko ngo nta mwimukira bashaka muri ako karere, ko umuntu wese utahakomoka agomba guhita ahambira utwangushye agasubira iwabo vuba na bwangu akaba ariho ajya gutura no kuba. Uwo muyobozi ngo yanababwiye ko kugirango ibyo bigerweho umuntu wese udakomoka muri ako karere batazongera no kumuha ikarita y`ubwisungane mu kwivuza!
Aya makuru kandi atubwira ko ngo abaturage bakimara kubwirwa ubwo butumwa buvangura bunibasira abataravukiye, mu bari bitabiriye inama harimo uwatinyutse abaza gitifu ati” Nyakubahwa muyobozi ko mutubwiye ko mudashaka umuntu uba muri kano karere atahavuka kandi nyamara buri mu nyarwanda yemerewe kuba mu gihugu cye ahariho hose ubwo abo bantu badakomoka hano si ukubahohotera?” Uyu muyobozi ngo yaramubwiye ati ibyo mbambwiye ni amabwiriza nahawe n’ubuyobozi bunkuriye ubwo rero agomba kubahirizwa gutyo!
Ibi bintu niba koko ari ukuri biragoye kubyumva ariko kandi biranoroshye kuko muri aka karere ka Nyagatare si ubwa mbere kaba kibasiye abatagakomokamo kuko no mumyaka ishize muribuka ko hari imiryango ijana yasenyewe amazu  igitaraganya kandi bihagarikiwe n`abayobozi bakuru b`akarere ka Nyagatare kandi abasenyewe bari banafite ibyangombwa bya burundu by`ubutaka bari banatuyeho,ibi rero si igitangaza! Hari nabo muganira bakubwira ibyaho watangira kubahakanya uti ibi ntibyabaho muri kino gihugu barangiza bakakubwira bati weho uravuga ibyo utazi, muri Nyagatare si mu Rwanda, ujye utinya ahantu bakubita umuntu ku manywa y`ihangu kugeza bamwishe kandi ntihagire inkurikizi !
Gusa reka twizere ko niba koko gitifu yarabivuze mu nama ,ko wenda byaba byari ukwiganirira,kuko ntibyumvikana nubwo bitanatangaje kumva ibintu nk`ibi mu Rwanda kuko amategeko akenshi uko yanditse n`ibikorwa hari igihe ubona ntaho bihuriye.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father’s Day Rwanda — An Open Letter to President Paul Kagame

By Steve Terrill

Diane Ineza-Terrill born December 28, 2014 in Kigali, Rwanda

Dear President Kagame,

I’m writing on this Father’s Day  to ask for your help visiting my daughter in Rwanda.

Diane Ineza-Terrill was born in Kigali on December 28, 2014. My family and I are grateful she has come into a peaceful and safe Rwanda. Her world could not be in greater contrast to the one her mother experienced as a survivor of the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi. We credit you for that.

Sadly, when baby Diane and I first met, we had to do so in Uganda. You see, for reasons that have never been made clear, I have not been allowed to enter Rwanda for some time now.  In the airport at Entebbe, I stood holding this tiny baby and I couldn’t help but think of you and countless other Rwandans who were forced to leave their country just so their families could be together.

Perhaps you would agree that after all the hard work and sacrifice, it’s a shame a Rwandan child must still travel to Uganda or elsewhere just to visit with their father.

I know you have more important things to think about than this small matter but I am desperate. I am begging for your assistance. I have exhausted every available administrative remedy. My repeated applications for visas have gone unanswered.

Your Excellency, I appeal to your sense of decency and ask that you please allow me to visit my daughter in Rwanda.

Perhaps there have been some misunderstandings between your office and myself in the past. I am far from perfect and I’m certain I’ve made mistakes while covering Rwanda. I apologize if I’ve done anything to offend or embarrass the Office of the President.

Just to be clear, I’m not asking to come to Rwanda to work as a journalist. I will not do any reporting of any kind in Rwanda. Baby Diane deserves to be held by her father and to be in her country at the same time. No one should be forced to choose between the two.

I believe this is what you and countless others have fought so hard and sacrificed so much to achieve.


Steve Terrill

Sunday, June 12, 2016



Uruganda rwatwaye Leta yo Rwanda miliyoni 1,019,662 rwahagaze rutamaze kabiri kubera amafranga yakoreshejwe mukugura intwaro zo gutera u Burundi Nicyitegererezo cyuko FPR itaje kubaka u Rwanda ahubwo kurusenya. 

Nkuko mubibona muraya mafoto aba nabahutu bimburamukoro baturutse mumajyaruguru bakuyobya uburari kubwibyuru ruganda. 

Uru ruganda rwubatswe kunguzanyo Banki Nkuru yisi yahaye urwanda ikaba izarihwa nabanyarwanda mumyaka 25 izaza. Aha ngaha tubibutseko iyo FPR ivuze abanyarwanda mubyerekeranye nokuriha imyenda biba bivuze abahutu kuko nibo batanga imisoro. 
Abahinzi b’ibirayi bo mu Majyaruguru n’Iburengerazuba bw’u Rwanda muturere tuzwi nka Ruhengeri na Gisenyi kandi tukaba tuzwiho kwangwa nabatutsi cyane kuberako ariho abesnhi muri leta ya Habyarimana wishwe na Paul Kagame baturukaga ubu barimo kurira ayo kwarika nyuma yuko uruganda Kagame yari yabasezeranije rusahuriwe na FPR ntanukwezi gushize FPR irufunguye. Ubu bakaba kandi baratangaza ko bari mu gihirahiro nyuma y’uko uruganda rutunganya ibirayi bari begerejwe na FPR ruhagaritse gukora rukimara gufungurwa.

Ni uruganda ruherereye mu Murenge wa Mukamira, Akarere ka Nyabihu, rwuzuye rutwaye amafaranga y’u Rwanda miliyoni 780 angana na 1019662 yamadolri yabanyamerika. Ariko amakuru dukesha umuntu usanzwe akora muri uru ruganda akaba avugako amafranga yagombaga gutuma rukora rukagura ibirayi mubanyarwanda bo muri aka karere dore ko abesnhi ari bene Sebahinzi yafashwe na ministri yingabo maze bakayajyana kuyagura intwaro mubushinwa. 

Urwo ruganda, rwafunguye imiryango ku wa 8 Werurwe 2016, rwubatswe muri gahunda ya ‘Uruganda Iwacu’ bigizwemo uruhare na Minisiteri y’ubucuruzi n’inganda ku bufatanye bw’ikigega gitera inkunga imishinga mito n’iciriritse(BDF) n’amakoperative y’abahinzi b’ibirayi bo muri Nyabihu bashizemo akayabo gatubutse nkabanyamuryango. Ariko aya mafranga yose FPR yayakukumbye ibasiga iheruheru. 

Nkuko byatangajwe nikinyamakuru Izuba Rirashe gisura abahinzi b’ibirayi bo mu gace ruriya ruganda rwubatsemo, bakibwiye ko rwakoze ubwo ubuyobozi bwarwo bwarumurikiraga Minisitiri w’Ubucuruzi n’Inganda n’abashyitsi bamuherekeje aje kurufungura ubundi ngo ruhita ruhagara. Ahangaha mbibutskeo twebwe dusanzwe dukoramo bari baramaze kutubwirako harigihe rutakora kuko ngo ntamafranga yingengo yimari rufite kuko ayarafitswe yajyanywe muri gahunda za leta. Ariko iyo abatutsi ba FOR bavuga gahunda ya leta baba bavuga FPR. 

Abo bahinzi bagaragaza ko ibyo byabatunguye binabaca intege mu gihe nyamara ngo bari biteze byinshi kuri urwo ruganda rwari rubegerejwe bwa mbere mu mateka yabo.

Nkubito Thomas, umuhinzi wo mu Kagali ka Rugeshi, Umurenge wa Mukamira, agira ati“twaratunguwe cyane binaduca intege, nawe se uru ruganda rwakoze iminsi ibiri; rwaraye rukora ubwo biteguraga ko Minisitiri Kanimba n’abo bari kumwe baza kurufungura, bwarakeye rukora amafiriti bamumurikiye ubundi amaze kugenda ruhita ruhagarara.”

Rusagara Andre, umuhinzi w’ibirayi wo mu Murenge wa Kabatwa, yungamo ati “Ubwo twari twiteze ko urwo ruganda rugiye kujya rwongerera agaciro ibirayi maze natwe tukabyungukiramo, ubu turi mu gihirahiro, ntituzi ngo ikibazo gihari ni ikihe, ikindi rwose sinahisha kukubwira ko nk’umuturage mbabajwe n’amamiliyoni yarugiyeho ari gupfa ubusa.”

Muri rusange ikibazo gihari ni ikihe?

Hakizimana Evariste, umuyobozi w’uruganda rutunganya ibirayi rwa Nyabihu, yumvikanisha ko urwo ruganda nta kibazo rufite ko ahubwo hagikorwa igerageza n’ibindi avuga byumvikana ko byakabaye byarakozwe mbere y’uko rufungurwa harimo ibyo gushakisha amasoko.

Cyakora, Uwanzwenuwe Théoneste, umuyobozi w’Akarere ka Nyabihu, avuguruza ibivugwa n’umuyobozi wa ruriya ruganda, akaba ahubwo yumvikanisha ko mu igenzura Akarere kakoze kasanze hakiri ibibazo tekiniki byatumye hatumizwa imashini ku mugabane w’Iburayi.

 Icyapa cyerekana ahari uruganda rutunganya ibirayi rwa Nyabihu(Ifoto/Umurengezi Regis)

Icyapa cyerekana ahari uruganda rutunganya ibirayi rwa Nyabihu(Ifoto/Umurengezi Regis)
Meya Uwanzwenuwe akomeza agira ati“natwe nk’ubuyobozi tubifata nk’igihombo kuba hari inyubako zatwaye Leta akayabo ariko zidakora, abaturage ndababwira ko turi kubikurikirana kugira ngo ziriya nyubako zikore icyo zagenewe.”

N’ubwo adahuza n’Akarere ka Nyabihu impamvu uruganda abereye umuyobozi rutari gukora, Hakizimana avuka ko vuba, bitarenze ibyumweru bibiri, uru ruganda ruzaba rwatangiye gukora.

Uruganda rutunganya ibirayi rwa Nyabihu, rufungurwa rwari rwitezweho gutunganya ibiro 500 by’ibirayi ku isaha, bikorwamo ibintu bitandukanye birimo ifiriti, ibisuguti n’ibindi binyuranye, byari byitezwe kandi ko rwari kujya ruhata ibirayi bikagemurwa mu bigo bitandukanye hirya no hino mu gihugu.

Ibirayi mu Rwanda bihingwa mu Majyaruguru ashyira Iburengerazuba bw’u Rwanda, bihingwa n’abaturage basaga ibihumbi 70 bibumbiye mu makoperative atandukanye.

Twitter: @Umurengezis

Saturday, June 4, 2016


Iyi foto irimo kwibazwaho na benshi niba yaba ishimangira ko hari aho ihuriye no gukorana n'imbaraga z'umwijima.

Byavuzwe kenshi ko hari abahanzi nyarwanda bajya gushakira amaronko muba bapfumu.
Jay Polly ntago byamuvuzweho cyane ariko birazwi ndetse Abahanzi ba hano Mu Rwanda bamwe muri bo bakunze kuvugwaho kujya no gukorana n’Imbaraga z’abapfumu ndetse bamwe muri bo bagiye babishyira ahagaragara ugasanga nk’Umuhanzi ashyize mugenzi we ku karubanda ati twarajyanye cyangwa namubonye ajyayo ugasanga bikomeje kujya bitera impaka ndende.

Kuri ubu hagaragaye ifoto tutari twamenya neza niba koko ari ifoto y’Ukuri ya Jay Polly aho bigaragara ko ari kumwe n’Umuntu utagaragara neza niba koko ari Umupfumu ariko amagambo ari kuvugwa na benshi ni uko iyi foto yafashwe Jay Polly yagiye mu bapfumu gushaka imbaraga zo kwifashisha muri muzika nk’uko bamwe mu bahanzi byagiye bibagaragaraho. Aha Jay Polly kandi ari kumwe na Cisse usanzwe amenyerewe muri Touch Record nk’umuyobozi .

 Ni ifoto bigaragara ko yafashwe mu gihe kitari icya vuba iyo uyitegereje neza. Ubwo twashakaga kumenya amakuru y’impamo ava kuru Jay Polly ku bijyanye n’iyi foto ntago uyu muhanzi yabashije kutwitaba ku murongo wa Telefone ariko nan’ubu turacyashaka by’ukuru niba koko uyu muhanzi yaba azi iby’iyi foto
Ni ifoto bigaragara ko yafashwe mu gihe kitari icya vuba iyo uyitegereje neza. Ubwo twashakaga kumenya amakuru y’impamo ava kuru Jay Polly ku bijyanye n’iyi foto ntago uyu muhanzi yabashije kutwitaba ku murongo wa Telefone ariko nan’ubu turacyashaka by’ukuru niba koko uyu muhanzi yaba azi iby’iyi foto

Friday, June 3, 2016



Ivan Kagame, the first born of President Paul Kagame, the ruler of Rwanda took to the professional social media called ‘LinkedIn’ where he published a long article designed to praise his father's achievement as the president of Rwanda. he also talked about the economic growth of Africa and the Rwandan politics. He said that he thinks the youth are the backbone of promoting economic growth through innovation and technology. He also added that Rwanda is the example of fast economic development that has bridged the gap between the Haves and the Have-Nots in Rwanda and in Africa. However Mr. Cyomoro forgot to differentiate and demonstrate the kind of Rwandans he is talking about. For the sake of understanding the First Son's language when he talks about Rwandans "Umunyarwanda or Abanyarwanda" we have to first understand his father's philosophy and what the word "Umunyarwanda" the Rwandan means in this country we all call home. 
The NDUMUNYARWANDA Philosphy According to Paul Kagame

In Rwanda when Kagame and his people say "Umunyarwanda" it is a disguised way of saying "all Tutsis." To use the word Umunyarwanda or the Rwandan means those who come from the same tribes as Mr. Kagame. Who in this case, are the Tutsi people. To understand this well let's put it in the context. When Paul Kagame and his government say that we have improved the living standards of "Rwandans" in other words it means that we have improved the living standards of the Tutsi people. According to him and his people, Hutus are not part of the Rwandan communities because they are supposed to be servants of slaves of the magic tribe "the Tutsis." This is why when western countries gives 100 Scholarships to the Rwandan government for the young bright Rwandans, Hutus are not counted. 

In 2009 we were given scholarships to go and study in Canada. I was among the 100 kids who were supposed to be shared among different countries across the globe including" USA, Belgium, UK, France, Germany, Canada, Japan, China, and Australia. I had scored 78% in the department of applied mathematics at the University of Rwanda Butare Campus. However, when the time of going to study they realized that majority of us were Hutus. Then the VC Chancelor called a meeting with all of us and in presence were people sent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, and Ibuka. We were plainly told that there is no way Rwandans can miss out to this opportunities and scholarships be given to the people of "Ibipinga", meaning those who oppose to the Tutsi regime. However, that insinuated the Hutu people. We were dismissed two months later we got letters that sent some of us to India, Turkey, and South Africa. The Tutsi kids that we were in the same class who performed miserably were instead sent to prestigious schools in Canada, USA, UK, and Germany. I went to study in India and when I came back I was told that people who went to study in India has no qualifications that the government of RPF is looking for. 
I stayed 3 years without any kind of job apart from running after farmers asking them to pay for "Mituelle" a health cover fees that the government forces people to pay to the national health fund. That is the gap that Captain Cyomore is talking about that his father helped to close. Most of the Tutsi kids finished schools in various rich countries asked asylum claiming that they were members of the Rwandan National Congress (a Tutsi political party in exile made up with the former Kagame allies who fell from grace and decided to go into exile). Those who decided to come back they found that the government had created positions for them and are currently holding big position. The difference between them and me it is because I am a Hutu, although I was number one for all four years at the Rwandan National University, it did not matter because I am not member of the royal family. Thank God a Catholic Priest saw what I was going through and sent me to go and study in Denmark. It took me 6 months to get a passport. Finally it worked now I can remind Mr Cyomoro that, like his father, when they talk about Rwandans, make no mistake, they are talking about "Tutsi" people. So when Mr. Cyomoro says that Rwanda is an example of development, maybe he is talking about an example of divisionism and discrimination that is deep-rooted in the hearts and heads of the ruling Tutsi class. 

Definitely, he was born and found his dad had carried out a successful blood-shedding coup which left over 2 million Rwandans dead and over 3 million in exile. All this people left a huge amount of wealth and properties in Rwanda of which his father grabbed and owned it. For a such child to say that his future is bright does not surprise anyone whether inside or without Rwanda. However, before such arrogance, Mr Cyomoro should have gone to Iwawa Island first and see where thousands of young people of his age have lost their future to the brutality of his father's regime. More than 15000 Rwandan youth are in concentration camp at Iwawa Island in the middle of Lake Kivu simply because they were born Hutus. Millions of Hutu youth cannot dare to say the same thing that their future is bright inside Rwanda. In fact every Hutu parent struggles to smuggle his/her child out of Rwanda because they are certain that their children's future is blink inside Rwanda under Cyomoro's father rulership. 
I hear that Kagame is grooming his son Cyomoro to succeed him in 2034. Cyomoro is now 25 he will be 43 in 2034 when his father plans to hand power to him and Rwanda becomes officially the North Korea of Africa. I am afraid that if Africa had many kids thinking like Cyomoro of Rwanda and his cousin Muhoozi of Museveni in Uganda then we would be doomed. Thank God they are only a few. It is true that Africa is rich but I have to remind Mr. Cyomoro that people like his father are the ones who have brought Africa to its knees. Just  a few examples of how Kagame drained Rwanda and DRC. Kagame is the only African who owns two private jets in a country where more than 70% of the Rwandans survive on less than a dollar a day. When the country's 60 of the budget comes from donors. When people in rural Rwanda still suffer from gigers because of poverty. When a woman selling banana Ms Uwamahoro was killed in the capital of Rwanda in broad day because she was exposing the lies of Kigali regime. Kagame invented DR Congo twice in order to loot. Can Mr Cyomoro tell us who iare: Gen. Laurent Nkundabatware Mihigo, Bertrand Bisimwa, Sultani Makenga, and Gen. Bosco Ntaganda and M23?

In his own words, Mr. Cyomoro said “ Rwanda, my country demonstrates that the values of that development is possible. It is a shame that he ignores the cries from Rwandan children languishing in poverty as we see on this photo below. This week the mayor of Muhanga in Gitarama said that more than 4000 children are missing both in schools and in their own homes. This is because many parents of these children no longer have enough to feed these kids due to the simple fact that RPF grabbed the land that used to feed these kids, but Cyomoro does not talk about this. He should pay a visit to Muhanga, my beloved district and see the amount of suffering people are undergoing due to his father's policies of impoverishing Hutus. To say that many international conferences are taking place in Rwanda has nothing to do with tangible development of Rwanda, it has to do with public relations that RPF plays very well. In 1980s, Kigali was " the Carrefour" of International Organizations such as CEPGL, CEAC, OUA, Francphone, among others and the World Bank called Rwanda the Swiss of Africa, but your dad never accepted that so why do you want Rwandans to believe in what you are saying about your own dad? Don't you remember than more than 200000 innocent Rwandans, including Ingabire Victoire are languishing behind the bars in different prisons built for Hutus around the country? 

When you openly say that Rwanda is one of the best countries to do business in Africa you forget that there is only one major supermarket in Kigali called Nakumatt of which can hardly sell anything to Rwandans because the market is too shallow. Only your mother and Mushikiwabo can afford to by milk there. If you think I am lying just visit Nakumatt and see how veggies are withering on the shelves. You also forget that Rwigara Assinapol one of the richest Rwandans (by the way he is a Tutsi too) was brutally killed and his business empire brought to the ground on the pretexts that his hotel of 25 years was not built according to the city council plan, really? What happened to a man called Tribert Rujungiro ( a Tutsi as well) and his UTC Business Complex? After you have answered those three questions then we will understand how to do business in Rwanda is extremely difficult. My Uncle who owned business in Muhanga had Frw 200,000,000 in his account in Banque de Kigali. During Agaciro Fund Storm he received a call from Nziza asking him to pay Frw 73,000,000 to Agaciro Fund Account regardless whether he wanted or not. For the fear of his life he even volunteered to pay Frw 90,000,000 because he knew your uncles were on their way for his life. 

I absolutely agree with Ivan Cyomoro, Africa still has chnces to develop but only when it get rid of its dictators like Paul Kagame, Robert Mugabe, Yoweli Museveni, and maong others who continue to torture, maim, and kill innocent Africans. 

As I conclude I would like to let Mr Cyomoro know that" Na Nyina Wundi Abyara Agahungu." Your father has plans for you in 18 years to rule Rwandans but also Col. Gaddafi had planned that his son Seif Islam would rule Libya, good luck. 

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Muhanga cg se muri Gitarama: Ubutegetsi bwa FPR Bwashimuse Abana Babahutu Barenga 4000 Ibatesha Imiryango Yabo maze Ibajyana Kubafungira Kukirwa cya Iwawa: RPF Kidnapped More than 4000 Children from Muhanga and Took Them to the Prison at Iwawa Island

By Kanyandekwe Emy,

Nkuko umunyamakuru wacu uri mugace ka muhanga yabitugejejeho muruyu mugoroba. Haravugwa ibura ryabana amagana namagana yabahutu mukarere kahahoze ari Gitarama ubu akaba ari Muhanga. Abo bana bagera kubihumbi 4 bose bagiye bafatwa na FPR bagiye kwiga abandi bari kumuhanda abandi bagiye gusenga naho abandi bari mumijyi kuko babuze uburyo bajya kwishuri. Ibi byaje kumenyekana ubwo babyeyi benshi baba bana baje kubuyobozi bwakarere ka Muhanga kubaza impamvu abana babo batazi iyo leta ya FPR yabajyanye. 
Amashuri ya muhanga muturere dutuwe nabahutu benshi ntabwo akigira abanyeshuri FPR yabajyanye Iwawa
Nkuko n Ubuyobozi bw’Akarere ka Muhanga n’abafatanyabikorwa b’aka karere batabihakana bemezako abana barenga ibihumbi bine baburiwe irengero. Meya wa Muhanga Madam Beatrice Uwamariya we tumubajije yavuzeko ibibazo byinshi byatewe nuwamubanjirije ariwe Mutambasuku. Bamwe muri bo bakaba badaherukana nababyeyi babo. Ikindi atabwira abanyarwanda nuko abenshi muraba bana bagiye bajya kumuhanda kubera ikibazo cyinzara iriguca ibintu mugihe FPR yatse abenshi mubabyeyi baba bana amasambu yabo maze ikayaha imiryango yabatutsi baturutse hanze ndetse nabandi bacitse kwicumu maze abana bagasigara ari ntakivurira. 
Nkuko umwe mubanyamakuru bacu akomeza kubitubwira ngo mu nama yubushize yahuje ubuyobozi bw’Akarere ka Muhanga ariwe Meya Béatrice Uwamariya n’abafatanyabikorwa mu iterambere ry’aka karere. Hamaze kugaragazwa  ko hari abana ibihumbi bine na mirongo itandatu na bane baburiwe irengero kandi miryango yabo ikaba itarahwemye gusaba ubutegetsi kubabwira aho abana babo bashimuswe bajyanywe. Ariko ababyeyi benshi bazi neza ko abana babo bajyanywe mwibohero roy kukirwa cya Iwawa. 

Nkuko Bwana Karamira Prudence, umukozi mu kigo cy’imbonezamubano n’iterambere (Social Development Center), yabidutangarije mwibarura riherutse gukorwa muri aka karere ryasanze hari abana barenga ibihumbi bine baburiwe irengero kandi ababyeyi babo bakaba bashaka kumenya irengero ryabo. Bwana Karamira kandi yakomeje avuga ko hakwiye kuba ubufatanye bw’inzego zitandukanye kugira ngo hakorwe irindi barura ariko yirinze gutunga agatoki FPR ko ariyo yabapakiye mumamodoka ya NANGABAHUTU maze akabajyana mukiyaga cya Kivu. Umubyeyi twavuganye nawe utarashatse kwivuga izina kubera ikibazo cyumutekano we yatubwiyeko yabuze abana be bingimbi bari hagati yimyaka 16 na 11 kandi ko abaturanyi babonye abo bana bafatwa nabasirikali ba FPR barikumwe ninkeragutabara maze bakabajugunya mumamodoka yari yuzuye abandi bana balim mwicyo kigero. Ibi bikaba bikorwa murwego rwo kugabanya urubyiruko rwabahutu mugihugu yagize ati: "Abana banjye nzi neza aho bari kuko abaturanyi banjye hano i Muhanga babonye abasirikali bafatanyije ninkeragutabara zari ziyobowe numusore dusanzwe tuzi kwizina rya Jemusi. Baraje bafata abana bavuye kwishuri hariya haruguru nuko babajugunya mumodoka bavuga ngo bagiye kubaha umuceri kuva icyo gihe ntagereza tutagiyemo tubashakisha ariko twarahebye. Niba banarabishe bazaduhe imirambo yabo tuyishingure..."
Bamwe mubabyeyi babuze abana babo kuko FPR yabatwaye iwawa
Twagerageje kubaza icyo intore nkuru mukarere ibivugaho ariyo Bwana Munyentwari Alphonsi akaba na Kizigenza wo muntara yamajyepfo ubwo yari yaje mumuganda mucyumweru cyashize. Ariko yatwutse inabi agira ati abo bana twakuye mumihanda namabandi ateza akaduruvayu nkababyeyi babo. Ahangaha yarashatse kuvugako ababyeyi baba bana ari abahutu we yita interahamwe kuko kuriwe umuhutu wese ninterahamwe. Ati ibyo bibazo muzajye kubibaza Afande wa muhanga. Ibi byerekana ko FPR ntacyo biyibwiye naho abahutu bose bapfa abatutsi bari mugihugu barahagije gusigarana u Rwanda kandi niwo mugambi bazanawugeraho byangebikunde. 
Guverneri w Amajyepfo Bwana Alphonsi Munyentwari
Ababyeyi benshi babajije Uwamariya Béatrice, Umuyobozi w’Akarere ka Muhanga, avuga ko iyi mibare y’abana bashimuswe na FPR itakwizerwa ijana ku ijana, kuberako harabana bagiye bahindura amashuri abandi ababyeyi babo bakimukira Uganda. Ikindi kibabaje nuko atashoboye gusobanurira ibinyamakuru byacu aho abandi bana baba baragiye mugihe ababyeyi babo bababuriye irengero. 
Meya Beatrice Uwamariya
Umunnyamakuru wacu kandi yabwiwe ko mu mezi abiri ashize, ubuyobozi bw’Akarere ka Muhanga bwari bwagaragaje ko abana bataye ishuri barenga ibihumbi bibiri. Ariko iyi mibare ntaho ihuriye nababyeyi barenga ibihumbi 2200 twakozeho iperereza mukarere ka Muhanga tugasanga koko barabuze abana hagati yumwe na babiri kandi bose bakaba bakomoka mumiryango yabahutu. Abesnhi muribo bakaba ababyeyi babo baratswe amashyamba na IBUKA na FPR bikayagabanya imiryango yabatutsi baturutse Uganda nabandi baturutse Congo. Ngurwo urwo umuhutu muri ikigihugu apfuye mugihe muri politiki yabahutu binda nini baba mumahanga barwanira imyanya yo kuyobora amashyaka akorera kuri Facebook.