Sunday, October 4, 2015


By JUMA HATARI, Daresalam

On 25 September 2015 Rev Christopher Mtikila appeared on one of the Tanzanian TV Shows called Live  Star TV  during a Show called Tuongee  Asubuhi (Let's Talk in the morning). On this show Rev Christopher Mtikila talked about various sensitive issues that are affecting the Great Lakes Region security and peace. One of the things that he talked about that might have rubbed the wrong shoulders of the most prominet people of the Tutsi-Hima Empire Establishment who have been sponsoring the Lowassa Project. According to Rev. Christopher, the former Tanzanian Edward Ngoyai Lowassa is a Kagame project to assist the expansion of the TUTSI-HIMA EMPIRE in the Great Lakes Region. Those who are at the realm of the Tutsi-Hima Empire project in the region are: Yoweli Kaguta Museveni, a Rwandan Tutsi ruling Uganda, Paul Kagame a former Ugandan Chief of Spy, a Tutsi ruling in Rwanda, Pierre Buyoya an extremist Tutsi and a former Burundi president, Joseph Kabila, a Tutsi from Rwanda and current DR Congo president, and Edward Ngoyai Lowassa, a Former Tanzanian Prime minister who is taught to be a Tutsi from Rwanda whose parents immigrated into Tanzania several hundred of years ago. 
After almost two week since Rev Christopher Mtikila revealed the architecture of the Tutsi-Hima Empire project in the region and exposed those who are the project;s major financiaires, now he is dead in a well staged motorcar accident. According to the Citizen Rev. Christopher died early Sunday morning in a road accident at Msolwa village few kilometers after Chalinze in the Coast region. He was on his way to Morogoro together with other 4 passengers. According to the information we have from trusted sources, Rev. Christopher had received many threats in the recent weeks over his opinions and revelation of how the TUTSI-HIMA EMPIRE is spreading so fast to take over Tanzania the same way they have taken over Uganda, Rwanda, DR Congo, and now Tanzania was the next. He revealed to one of his closest friends a week ago that he had received threat messages from the Rwandan RPF government led by President Kagame warning him that if he does not stop his nonsense claims he would soon be the thing of the past as did the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) Prof Jwani Mwaikusa,who also died in unclear circumstances in July 2010.  

The  law lecturer and the UN ICTR lawyer was gunned down at night at his home on the city’s outskirts by the hitmen sent from Kigali by the RPF government. Here we have to remind the reader that  Prof Jwani Mwaikusa was killed because of managing to prove to the International Court that the genocide in Rwanda was not planned by the Habyarimana regime but by Gen. Kagame himself and his team. His defense managed to exonerate the Bagosora case of the genocide. Through the Tutsis working in the Tanzanian political and military circle the RPF managed to assassinate him. This is why Rev. Christopher had received threats from Rwanda. There were many calls for a thorough investigation to be made at the burial, with a senior official from the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) at Arusha, where Prof Mwaikusa was representing a genocide suspect, calling his killing “an assassination.” However, despite obvious facts that led the Tanzanian inteligence to associate the assassination with the Rwandan Embassy in Tanzania, nothing has been done so far to uproot the Tutsi-Hima Empire agents in the Tanzanian political and security system. 

The death of Rev. Christopher Mtikila has not come by suprise because he had been in the RPF binocular for years now. On 28 July 2014, Mr. Tom Ndahiro aka Peter Mahirwe on Facebook using his propaganda blog called UMUVUGIZI he wrote an article called: "Tutsi Hater Christopher Mtikila Recruited Soldiers in Tanzania for Covert Operations in the DRC"  The article had a sole purpose of tarnishing the name of Rev. Christopher Mtikila. As we said it earlier, Rev. Christopher is assassinated only few weeks after his public talk on the Live Star TV Morning Show where he revealed the wider plan to establish a Tutsi Empire in East and Central Africa. He pledged to mobilize his countrymen and women to fight what he calls the Tutsi-Hima Empire ambition to enslave Bantu people and other tribes that do not subscribe to the Tutsi Hima philosophy of serfdom. Dont forget that lat year in 2014 the Rwandan Tutsi president Paul Kagame  told the Tanzanian president Kikwete that "Azamukocora" meaning that Kagame is waiting for an opportunity to hit him hard and where it hurts most. This came in a wake when the Tanzanian President through his leadership he lead a military campaign that saw the defeat of the Banyamulenge (the Tutsi of DRC) M 23 ambitions to take over DR Congo for the expansion of the Tutsi-Hima Empire. We have to remind our readers that Rev. Mtikila’s death is not a coincidence. He has been one of Tanzanian politicians close to Jakaya Kikwete so was Prof Mwaikusa's death. All these are great symptoms of the confidence of the Kagame's plans to takeover both Burundi and Tanzania to fortify the establishment of the Tutsi-Hima Empire. After the fall of Tanzania, Kenya is going to be the next target of which Kigali is so confidence to conquor easily due to wide spread corruption and easy circulation of movement established through the "Carry ID and Travel." Although Kenya sees this ID business as a good cooperation within the East African Community, Rwanda and Uganda advanced the idea with a sinister motif. To facilitate their intelligent to infiltrate Kenya and establish military and political confidents that will assist the establishment of the Tutsi-Hima Empire project. 

Lately there have been many deaths orchestrated by the Rwandan RPF regime including but not limited to those who oppose the wider Tutsi plans to conquor East and Central African region. The plans are in their last atage to realize a 200 years' dream of forming a brotherly Kingdom of the Tutsi and Bahima people. The last stage is characterized with multiple targetted assassinations like theo ne took place in Burundi of Gen Adolphe Nshimirimana, Prof Mwaikusa, and now Rev. Christopher Mtikila. 

On military angle, both Uganda and Rwanda through the support of American government and bill Clinton, have managed to strategically set up different military intervention supports. These include the Ugandan military soldiers in Somalia, Ugandan military soldiers in Southern Sudan, and the Rwandan RPF military soldiers posted in the Central African Republic and the position of Joseph Kabila in DR Congo as a Congolese president and yet he is from Rwanda. Do you remember when Kagame wanted to send a military intervention in Kenya during the post elections violence? That was a way to give the Ugandan troops in Somalia to mount an assaults on Kenya. 

Currently there are more than 600 Rwandan spies operating in Kenya and inform Kigali what is happening in Kenya. There are more than 1200 of the Tutsi girls posted around the country to seduce Kenyan men,especially those in high places in both national and county government level. They have simple mission to spy of the Kenyan political and military men and influence regional decision-making process to facilitate the expansion of the Tutsi-Hima Empire. Some of these men and women spying for RPF in Rwanda have established small scale businesses in Kenya such as Salon, Berber Shops, Massage and SPA lounge in places like along Thika Highway, Karen, Ngong-Road, South B, Parklands, and Westlands. Their objectives are simple to fullfill all that a PassionSpy does. This include seducing Kenyan politicians, sleep with them, treat them nicely and get information from them. If not become their concubines and influence their information processing ability. Majority of these Rwandan spies are Tutsi women and men. KENYANS, Ukiona cha mwezio kikinyolewa chako kitie maji! 

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