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I am a businessman who travels a lot in the region. I buy things from Nairobi, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, and even as far as Zambia and brings them to the places that they need them. That has been my nature of occupation ever since the RPF took over power in Rwanda. I have also been a person that has survived all the odds of the RPF dictatorial regime. From its brutality in 1995 to the invasion of DR Congo and the mass murder of innocent Rwandan and Congolese refugees in 1997 and 2003. Myself and other Rwandan and Burundian refugees were brought back to Rwanda. RPF killed those he wanted to kill, jailed those who were lucky, and buried alive those who tried to resist him. I was among the luckiest ones who were left to go back to the village in Kamembe. Later I started my businesses that take me to Mombasa in Kenya and Bujumbura in Burundi. 

Komarock Where Kagames Spies Stay
I have been approached by RPF on several occasions to spy for them but I always was lucky to get away without being eliminated due to not cooperating with RPF to kill my own people. Travelling around East Africa has helped me understand how the RPF operate. I always travel by bus from either Kigali or Kampala to Nairobi. I have boarded the same buses with Kigali spies with a mission to assassinate innocent Rwandans whether they are against Paul Kagame or not. Some of them have confined in me about their heinous crimes because they too consider me as one of their voiceless captives both physically and emotionally. Therefore, they tell me a lot about their plans in the region as they seek some of the information about how to get around the region without being suspected by some of the Rwandan refugees living in those countries. Today I am talking about the same incident that took place this week when I was in Kampala going to Nairobi. I was on Kamba Coach and half of the passengers were from Rwanda. Next to me was seated another guy who is in 30s. He told me that his name was Peter Sabin Urayeneza. As we continued talking I realized that he has been living in Nairobi for the last 1 year. I told him that I was new in Nairobi and needed someone to guide me around. Next to him was another row of seats full of women who were talking in Kinyarwanda. They seemed to kow Mr. Urayeneza well since they continued involving him in their conversations. 

As our bus arrived in Eldoret it stopped to pick up some of the cargo and passengers while others board for Nairobi. I needed to take something since I was feeling hungry and wanted to refuel. I got opportunity to bring my new friend closer. I invited Bwana Urayeneza for a bite. As we were eating and drinking while we wait for the bus to resume its journey, I continued hearing more stories from my new friend Urayeneza. He told me that they have five houses in Nairobi rented by the government of Rwanda that receive RPF spies on year around. I further learned that these spies that sojourn in Nairobi are into two parts. One part remains in Nairobi whereas the second part of these Rwandan RPF spies transit in Nairobi as they are dispatched throughout East and Southern Africa where many Rwandan refugees are found. The most targeted countries in the region is Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, and Zambia. When I asked him about Zimbabwe, "Zimbabwe is a hell my friend, if you are caught by the Zimbabwean police and you are from Rwanda, that is the end of you. These people trust Interahamwe (Hutu people) more than RPF", he said. Today I want to talk about what I learned from Sabin U. regarding the RPF rented townhouses in Nairobi and its environs. 


After wining my friend's trust on our long journey of Kampala-Nairobi, he invited me to his residential place in Komarock. Komarock is one of Nairobi surbubs. It is situated near Kayole where there is a sizable community of Rwandan refugees. Most of them fled Rwanda in 1990s and have made this place their home. They children were born and grew up in Kenya. They are more Kenyans than Rwandans since most of them might or might not speak Kinyarwanda with difficulties. They know a little about Rwanda and dont feel any urge to go and see the land of their ancestors. To them Rwanda under RPF is a land full of skulls and scars of their relatives and ruled by blood thirsty gang. 

When I arrived in Komarock I was shocked to find the house full of both young men and women to the point that some of them just sleep on the floor. I was lucky to sleep with my new friend Urayeneza in his room. However when we woke up the next day, the house was almost empty. I thought they had gone to work or to take care of some business but they never returned the next day. Only one guy known as Olivier happened to be in the vicinity. After few hours hanging out with them I came to learn that the guy in charge of the vicinity Mr Olivier is Captain Olivier and he is in charge of all five houses that RPF has established in Nairobi to spy on both Rwandan refugees and the government of Uhuru Kenyatta.

Some of the people who are working closely with these RPF spies in Nairobi include the cousin of Gen. Nziza by the name of UWIMANA ALBERT. This Albert is a Tutsi from Northern Rwanda in the area of the former Commune Nkuli near Mukamira in the region of Buhoma. For those who know him he was born and brought up in Rwankeri. His relatives were members of the Seventh Day Church of Rwankeri. That is where he was brought up and lived peacefully with Hutu kids from the area. He later joined primary school in Rwankeri. However when the RPF invaded Rwanda this Albert and other Tutsis from the North disappeared and resurfaced in 1995 as army in the Tutsi dominated the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF). This Albert was just a sheperd when he left Rwanda in 1990s but when he came back he was Afande and intimidating any Hutu around. He used to torture Hutus he grew up in Mukamira, Nkuli, Byangabo, and Gatovu and Gitwa accusing them of being Interahamwe and he forgot that people accused him of being Inyenzi too. Mr. Albert later decided to carry out his own business and asked money from his uncle Gen Nziza to go and start his business in Nairobi.

In 2000 Mr. Albert arrived in Nairobi and started a Tour Company. For those who dont know what a Tour Company is (Gutwara ba Mukerarugendo). He was also involved in real estate where he has been buying houses of the elite members of the Tutsi government of the RPF. He is also the housekeeper of his uncles houses spread allover Nairobi and most of those houses are now used by the RPF spies who go to Kenya to spy for Kagame and kill innocent Rwandan refugees who have been living peacefully in Nairobi since the RPF conquest of Kigali and the assassination of Habyarimana Juvenal. The house in Komarock is one of those houses that Mr. Albert manages for RPF. He also facilitates free movement of the women we talked about above by taking them to different joints in Nairobi such as Simmers, Roasters, Motherland along Ngong Road and Rongai for Nyamachoma. To make his business and criminal actions run smooth in Nairobi, Mr Albert married to a Kenyan Kikuyu woman and they have 3 children. However, this guy did not tell his Kenyan woman that he does have another Rwandan wife living in Kampala on Kibuli Secondary School Road. There are also some news that the spies that kidnapped both Gafirita and Ntirugiribambe were hosted by Mr Albert and were ferried to the where the victims were living by Albert's closest Kenyan friends who also do transportation business and were paid heavily by the Rwandan Embassy in Nairobi. 


These are the Rwandan Tutsi Women who Work for Paul Kagame as Spies in Prostitution Business in Nairobi 
As I continued living with new friends due to what they were benefiting from me unknowingly that I was learning about their activities in Kenya. I came to know that the women I found in Komarock are working for Paul Kagame and had been dispatched in the area to spy both of Rwanda community in Kenya and the Uhuru government. One of their mission in Nairobi is to sleep with members of the Uhuru government, members of the Kenyan parliament and the Kenyan senate, county goverment officials, and other key people in Kenya. Under the instructions of Paul Kagame of Rwanda, the Rwandan Ambassador to Kenya, Bwana James Kimonyo is was allocated funds to start various small scales business in Nairobi. Some of those businesses include Salon & SPAs, Barber Shops, Bartenders among others. According to their strategies is that in these places you can easily meet men of influence in the Kenyan society. As we all know RPF women do not say no to anyone who asks to have sex with them as long as they know they are going to scoop their pockets. Most of these salons are in Nairobi downtown, Kasarani, Umoja One, Langata and Nairobi West, and Kiambu Road on Thindigua. These ladies have very clear and simple instructions. Reach out to the Kenyan men who have money and influencei n the Kenyan society. Give them sex, treat them better than their girlfriends or wives, and get information out of them. 

The Rwandan Tutsi women posted on Kiambu Road and Thindingua have been instructed to only sleep with the NIS staff in order to siphon information from the Kenya National Intelligence Service that is posted along Kiambu Road. Those who cannot provide information are taught how to hate Hutu refugees living in Kenya. This is one of the long plans that the RPF government started recently to indirectly occupy Kenya after years of failed attempts to infiltrate Kenyan Government under Presidents Daniel Arap Moi and Mwai Kibaki who resisted Paul Kagame;s moves to make them friends. Kagames breakthrough came when Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto were elected into the office but were facing political challenges on the world scene. 

Kagame and museveni offered to lobby for them so that they get international political supports they so much needed. Museveni and Kagame promised William Ruto and Uhuru Kenyatta to put them into contact with Bill Clinton and Tony Blair in exchange of harassing Rwandan refugees and Kigali dissidents. In addition, Kagame and Kaguta asked Uhuru to remove bordervisas so that both Ugandan and Rwandan spies can be entering Kenya without any hindrances. This is when Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda signed agreement for free travel using just an ID. This ID thing has allowed many Kigali hit squad members to roam freely in Kenya killing and maiming Rwandan refugees residing in Kenya. It is in this way that Rwandan hit sqaud managed to enter Kenya and kidnapped two Rwandans Gafirita who was supposed to go and testify against Kagame in France over the downing of the plane that was carrying the former Rwanda President Habyarimana Juvenal and Mr Ntirugiribambe who worked with UN ICTR. These people who who kidnapped these two Rwandan refugees from Nairobi were staying in Komarock and Ngong Road at the places rented by the Rwanda Embassy in Nairobi. The people who gathered information about these two men were these women living in Kasarani and Thindigua along Kiambu Road. 

Since the year 2013 more than 1300 Kagame spies have either lived in Nairobi or transited through Nairobi going to Tanzania and other South African countries. Because of bad blood between Kagame and Kikwete Kagame has used Kenya as a place to launch spies to Tanzania. Here we have to clarify that the Kenyan government does not know this because Kagame uses rogue immigration officers in the Kenyan immigration apparatus to issue Kenyan documents to RPF spies then they enter Tanzania as Kenyans on business trip. This is how many of the Rwandan Tutsi women have managed to cross from Komarock to Dodoma in Tanzania to spy of the Tanzanian government officials. 

Recently because of the good relationship that Kagame enjoys with Uhuru, Kagame has exploited it to his own advantage. He has been sending many women spies to Burundi through Kenya and Uganda in his bid to destabilize Nkurunzizas government. As we talk, currently, there are more than 800 RPF spies operating in Nairobi and 500 of them are women referred to as " les charmes d' espionage (or passion of spies)." Most of these women have students IDs of different colleges such as KU,JKUAT, Dyatar University, Nairobi University, Catholic University, MKU.KMU, Graffins College and so on. They lie to the police and their preys as students from Rwanda pursuing college degree but in true sense they are just spies after Kagame dissidents and Hutu refugees living in Kenya. 

President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP William Ruto should become more wise and understand that Kagame can never be trusted. He always looks at his political interests and cling to power. The plan for free movement in East Africa was not designed to facilitate trade in the region but to control East Africa through East Africa Free Spy Movement (EAFSM) system that Kagame engineered. By putting more regulations of Rwandans who come directly from Rwanda and increase scrutiny on them will make Kenya more safe. Kenya should learn from Tanzania and Burundi. Who has been destabilizing this region?

Sunday, August 2, 2015


By MINANI JULE wi Kigali

Abanyarwanda besnhi bahano i Kigali tumaze iminsi myinshi twumva kumaradio ya hano mu Rwanda ndetse no hanze uko impunzi zituye mumugi wa Nairobi ho muri Kenya zimerewe nabi nabakazozi ba FPR bari kumishahara ya Ambassade yu Rwanda. Inkuru yatangiye kurenga inkombe ubwo muminsi ishize abantu besnhi babanyarwanda bagiye bagira ibizazane birimo guterwa ubwoba nabakozi ba Ambassade yu Rwanda baba i Nairobi bagiye bababuza amahwe. Tumaze iminsi tubitohoza cyane cyane dukurikirana amakuru azanwa nabantu babanyarwanda bakora ibyashara hagati ya Kenya, Kampala, nu Rwanda. Muru make rero dore amwe mumakuru yimpamo iyi nyandiko yacu yagize ngo igeze kubasomyi biyumvire uburyo FPR ikomeje umugambi wayo mubisha wo kwica ndetse no gucunaguza impunzi zabanyarwanda ziba mubihugu byabaturanyi ndetse no hanze. Ikibabaje gusa nuko nizi mpunzi zabanyarwanda zimenya abaje kuzica zikagumya kubahishira aho gukoresha ubumenyi impunzi zifite mubihugu zibamo maze nazo zikikiza UMWANZI.

Iyi nkuru yacu igiye kwibanda kubintu bigera kuri bitanu nubwo hari byinshi bikenewe gutangazwa ariko turaba tubiretse uyu munsi twibande kubintu bitanu aribyo: Ishimutwa rwa Gafirita, Cpt Ntirugiribambe Chrisostome na Bwana Victor bakunda kwita Nyiramabuno, urupfu rw'Umunyarwandakazi warutuye i Kayole nyuma akaza kwicwa na FPR kuberako yari yanze kuroga ubukwe bwimpunzi zabanyarwanda, hanyuma turangirize kuri gahunda ya FPR yo gukoresha impunzi zabanyarwanda ziba muri Kenya mukugurisha uburozi babinyujije mubufu bw Imyumbati, Amandazi, Isombe, ndetse n Akabanga. Reka noneho duhere kwishimutwa rya Gafirita na  Ntirugiribambe mumujyi wa Nairobi. Turareba no kwiyicwa ryumudam wanze gukorera inyenzi mumugambi mubisha wo kwica impunzi zabahutu zari zateraniye mubukwe bw abavandimwe ba Habimana na Habimana Fautin akaba umuhungu we yari yarongoye umukobwa wo kwa Ndahiro ukorera business muri Malawi.


Nkuko abatutsi bo muri FPR batagira ibinya byo kwica abahutu haba mukubarimbura ari ikivunge cyanga se kwica umwe umwe. Ambassaderi James Kimonyo wahoze akorera u Rwanda muri Ambassade yu Rwanda i Washington DC ho mugihugu cya Amerika ya yongeye kuri koroza. Yarahiye ko atazajya yica umuhutu umwe umwe nkuwica imigi ko ahubwo azajya abashira mugatebo kamwe maze akabarohera mumugezi icyarimwe. Ibi nibyo yari yateguye aho ngaho mumugi wa Nairobi ubwo yegeraga umudamu wimpunzi utuye Kayole Madam.BAZIRITA NYIRANCAHAKOMEYE akaba yari umubyeyi ufite uuryango ndetse kandi yarashakanye na Bwana Rutaboba. Tubibutsek o uyu mudamu ari mumuryango w Abatetsi babanyarwandakazi bafasha abandi banyarwanda bafite ubukwe mugutegura iminsi mikuru ijyanye numuco wacu wa Kinyarwanda. Nkuko iyo nkuru twayigejejweho numwe mubanyarwanda ba hano i Kigali bari batashye ubwo bukwe. Madame Bazirita yarafite umwanya mwiza wo kwica imbaga yose yabanyarwanda bari batashe ubwo bukwe bwahuzaga imbaga yimpunzi zabahutu zaho i Nairobi ho uri Kenya nabagenzi babo bari bavuye mugihugu cya Malawi. Uyu mudamu kandi kubera ubukristo bwe abantu benshi bimpunzi baho i Nairobi baramwizeraga cyane nkumuntu ushira mukuri. Niyo mpamvu bwana Kimonyo James yari yamwemereye millioni imwe yamafranga yamanyakenya angana na millioni 8 zamafranga yamanyarwanda kugirango agarike ingogo yimpunzi zabahutu bari bateranijwe nibibrori byabana babo aho mugihugu cya Nairobi.

Nkuko mugenzi wacu warukomotse hano mu Rwanda agataha ubwo bukwe yabidutekereje aragira ati: "nukuri kw' Imana ubu inzogera iba yarirenze. Knadi si ubuzima bwanjye gusa buba bwarahagendeye mumanzaganya kubera umutima mutindi winyenzi nkotanyi ahubwo twari abantu barenga ibihummbi bibiri byimpunzi zabanyarwanda nabanyakenya bari bahateraniye kugirango twizihize ubukwe bwa Abana bacu bakomoka kubabyeyi bacu nincuti zigihe kirekire aribo Mzee HABIMANA FAUSTIN utuye mugace ka Waithaka mu mugi wa Nairobi muri Kenya na mugenzi we UMUCURUZI NDAHIRO.warukomotse mugihugu cya Malawi akaba ari umucuruzi mubihugu bya Kenya na Malawi. Kubari bateraniye ahongaho bavuga ko abari bateraniye aho ngaho baba abari bavuye Malawi nabari bavuye mumugi wa Kenya n ahano mu Rwanda bose bari barenga 600. Iyi ngongo yose ikaba yarigiye gutikirira muri Kenya kuburyo ntanumwe wagombaga kurokoka uburozi bwa FPR twese tumenyereye kwizina rya Munyuza. Umugambi wa FPR mugutuma Madam BAZIRITA warushinzwe ugutegura ibiryo byabashitsi murubwo bukwe, yarifite umugambi uhamye wo kwica abahutu besnhi kuburyo bushoboka. Kandi muri uyu mugambi nuko FPR yari yanamaze gutegura abanyamakuru bagombaga gukwiza ibihuha ko ari abahutu bicanye ubwabo kuko bamenyereye kwica. Ibi byagombaga gutera ubwoba nabanya Kenya ubwabo kuburyo bagobaaga gutangira kwanga impunzi zabahutu ziba hariya mugihugu cya Kenya maze impunzi zigatangira kwirukanwa. Ambassador Kimonyo wahoze anari ambasaderi wu Rwanda mugihugu cya Amerika nkuko tubibyirwa nabamuzi neza ubu akorera muri Kenya aho yahawe mission ndende yo kwica abahutu nabatutsi batavuga rumwe na leta ya Kagame. Nubwo u Rwanda rwakomeje kwica abantu bahungiye muri Kenya guhera igihe cya Seth Sendashonga wafashije FPR kwamamara mumahanga no muri ONU kuri njye akaba cyari igihembo cyiza cyabagambanyi bagamabniye benewabo na Col. Lizinde nawe wakubitiwe u Rwingusho za Langata nyuma yuko yaramaze gufasha FPR kwica Habyarimana, ntabwo yari yarigeze aho ikurukirana abantu barubanda rugufi bibereyeho mubuzima bwa burimunsi barwana no kugira icyo baha abana babo. None ubu Bwana Kimonyo yahisemo kuzamura umukino akoresheje insecticide yo kwica icyitwa umuhutu wese uri mugihugu cya Nairobi.

Madme BAZIRITA amaze kwanga umugambi wo kwica impunzi ikivunge mubukwe bwumusaza itwa Habimana Fuastin na mugenzi we Ndahiro bari bashingiye abana babo mukarere ka Nairobi ahitwa Waithaka, Inkotanyi zahise zirukankira za Kayole aho umuryango wa Bazirita warutuye. Ababikurikiriye hafi bavugako Inkotanyi zari zamennye abatutsi benshi mukarere ka Mithonge balimo babikurikiranira hafi uko ubwo burozi buri bwice abantu. Ariko ubwo batelefonaga madame Bazirita mumasakumi ya nimugoroba bamubaza niba yabikoze kugirango ahite aza mumodoka yari ihagaze aho bita ngo ni za Kawoshi (CAR WASH) werekeza Kawangware, uyu mubyeyi yabasubije ko nkuko yakomeje kubibabwira umutima namawe ntabwo wigeze umwemerera kumena amaraso yinzirakarengane agira ati: MUGENDE MUBWIRE AFANDI KO UMUTIMA WANJYE UTANYEMERERA NGO MENE AMARASO YINZIRAKARENGANE. NKUKO NABIBABWIYE UBWO TWAHURAGA KUCYUMWERU NANUBU NTACYAHINDUTSEHO. AHUBWO MUMUBWIRE KO NITEGUYE KUMENA AYANJYE ariko abana b Imana bakabaho. Ubwo erega FPR iyobowe na Ambassaderi James Kimonye yahise itangira kunoza umugambi yuko bagomba guhita bica Madame BAZIRITA NYIRANCAHAKOMEYE. Ntabwo byaje gutinda kuko FPR ibinyujije kumukozi wayo kabuhariwe waruri mubwo bukwe agenzura uko gahunda zose zikorwa ariwe bwana MUNYAKAYANZA niwe wahaga intaasi nabicanyi ba leta ya FPR amakuru yibyo Madam Bazirita alimo gukora maze akamenyesha leta ya FPR yari yahagaritse imodoka zayo kuri Kawoshi. Maze Bwana Munyakanza abonye uyu mudamu ataroze ubukwe nibwo yabibwiye abakozi ba Ambasade bahita bohereza abantu i Kayole bagiye gutegereza Bazirita ngo atahuke. Niko byagenze ubwo uyu mumama yavaga mubukwe ageze iwe murugo niho abantu batatu bayobowe na bwana Ephraim MURENZI akaba na maneko mukujru muri Ambassade yu Rwanda aho i Nairobi.
Bageze Kayole rero nkuko abantu bacu bakomeza kubitugezaho nuko bagiye mpaka no kurugo rwa Bazirita bagakomanga. Akana ke gakunda gufungurira abashyitsi kashatese kwirukira kurugi kabaza murulimi rwigiswahili kati "wewe ni nani?"Bivugango wowe ninde? Nuko Baziritaaragatesha ati ntukajye ujya gufungurira abantu ari nijoro ujye ureka abakuru aribo babikora. Nibwo yakomeje ajya kurugi amaze kwirukana ako kana. Akimara no gufungura ntibanamubajije namazina cg se nikindi kintu ahubwo bahise bamuminjo urusasu rwurufaya ubwo baba bamutsinze aho mukirambi. Ntakindi batwaye cg se ngo binjire munzu ahubwo bahise bigendera. Nguko uko Madame Bazirita yazize urwakamama ariko abaye igitambo cy intumbi zirenga 500 zagombaga kugwa mubukwe bwo kwa Habimana Faustin na Ndahiro. Yagombye kujya yibukwa nkintwari mumpunzi zabanyarwanda ziba muri Kenya ndetse ninzin di mmpunzi zabanyarwanda ndetse nahano mu Rwanda. Imana ihe Madame Bazirita Nyirancahakomeye iruhuko ridashira.


Mugihugu cya Kenya hari umugabo wimpunzi witwa Bwana Munyakayanza. Ngo akaba yarahungiye muri Kenya mumyaka ya 1997. Ahamaze igihe kuburyo ahafitiye nabana bakuru halimo nabakora business aho muri Kenya. Kubera ubu buzobere uburambe ngo uyu musaza afite muricyo gihugu cya Kenya aho kubikoresha afasha impunzi zaho mugihugu cya Kenya uyu mugabo akomeje ahubwo kugambanira impunzi zihungira mugihugu cya Kenya. Aho atanga amakuru kuri Ambassade yu Rwanda aho abereye umwe mubaba muri Rwanda diaspora i Nairobi. Ababizi neza bavugako ari mururu rwego asigaye afitanye umubano unonosoye na Ambasade yu Rwanda aho muri Kenya. Ababizi neza tawaganiriye kuri hotel La Palisse Gashora batubwiye ko ubu uyu mugabo bwana Munyakayanza ariwe ubu wengera inzoga community ya diaspora nyarwanda muminsi mikuru ambassade iba yakoresheje. Kubera uyu mubano rero nuyu mugabo yemereye ambassaderi ko azajya amuha amakuru yimpunzi hariya Kenya.

,u,akuru yatanze kandi yizewe nuko uyu mugabo ariwe wafatishije Gafirita kuko anariwe warumucumbikiye. Ababizi neza kan di bari bahri batubwira ko kumunsi Gafirita yagombaga gutaha iwe murugo Munyakaynza yakomeje amuzuyaza kugirango ambasade ibe ilimo kugera hafi. Muruwo mugoroba Gafirita yanyweraga mukabare ka Bwana munyakayanza kari ahitwa Waithaka. Noneho umugoroba uje Munyakayanza yagaragaragako harabantu yartegerje ariko bakaba batarahagera. Abo bari abakoi ba Ambassade muri Kenya. Ariko ngo Munyakayanza yakomje kujya asohoka hanze avugira kuri telefoni asa naho harabantu ategereje. Bidatinze nibwo imodoka yarimo abakozi ba Ambassade yu Rwanda bayobowe na Bwana Ephraim MURENZI ukorera amabassaderi yu Rwanda nibwo yahageze nabantu bagera muri 6 nuko buriza Bwana Gafirita vuba na bwangu. Ubwo erega imigambi ya bwana MUNYAKAYANZA iba yuzuye gutyo. 

Abanyarwanda besnhi bi Nairobi bamaze kumenya ko munyakayanza ariwe warigishije Gafirita bakomeje kumubaza aho aherereye. Mubyo Munyakayanza yavugaga nuko ngo nawe ababajwe niryo shimutwa ko ahubow nawe arikwirirwa mumagereza abaza aho yaba afungiwe. Mumagambo ye yagize ati: Polisi ya Kenya iravugako yaba afungiwe industralia ariko undi mupolisi yambwiyeko yajyanywe gufungirwa Kabete Police Station ngeze i Kabete bambwirako bahamukuye ngo aho bamwerekeje nagombye kubibaza presidence ya Kenya. Aya makuru yose munyakayanza yatanze yerekanye neza ko azi neza ibyishimutwa rya Gafirita.

Nkuko byakunze kuvugwa mubinyamakuru binyuranye byimpunzi Munyakayanza na Tarcisse wumurundi nibo bagambaniwe Bwana Gafirita. Kuko Munyakayanza niwe wacumbikiye uyu gafirita. Kandi naniwe wasabye Tarcisse wumurundi wahoze anari directeri wishuri ry Abarundi ryo muri kKenya ryitwa Racecourse kujya afasha gafirita mukwandikirana amabaruwa yose hagati ya Gafirita nabacamanaza baba Fransa bari bashinzwe ikibazo cy indege ya Habyarimana yahanuwe na President Paul Kagame muri 1994 ikica abantu bose bari bayirimo ndetse na President Habyarimana Juvenal na Ntaryamira Cyprien. Nukuvugako yarazi amakuru yose ya Bwana Gafirita ndetse nabo yavuganaga nabo bo muri RNC. Ababizi neza bavugako Ambassaderi yu Rwanda i Nairobi iyobowe na Bwana Kimonyo James ngo yarishye aba bagabo bombi millioni 5 zamafranga yamanya Kenya kuri buri muntu waruri mugikorwa cyo gufatisha Gafirita na Cpt. Ntirugiribambe. Tubibutseko haramakuru avugako Cpt Ntirugiribambe na Majoro Munyaruguru warutuye muburayi nyuma agafatirwa muri Uganda bari bafitanye ubufashanye akaba anariyo mpamvu ubwo Gafirita yavaga Uganda yaba yarakiriwe na Bwana Ntirugiribambe waje nyuma kumwohereza kwa bwana Munyakazi ubwo Ntirugiribambe yaramaze kubona ko FPR ishobora kuba yabienye ko acumbukiye Gafirita. Munyakayanza nkumuntu abenshi bubahaga nimpunzi nawe rero yafashe uyu mugabo maze aramucumbikira. Ariko kuberako yarafitanye nubucuti bihariye na FPR muri Ambassade yu Rwanda i Nairobi yahise atanga amakuru kuri FPR ahabwa akayabo kamafranga ubwo erega nyiribyago ubwo aba arayongobejwe.

Munyakayanza kandi ntabwo alimo kugambanira impunzi gusa zangana na FPR ahubwo gukorana ninyenzi kwe kugeze kure. Nko muminsi ishize i Nairobi hari hoherejwe abakozi ba FPR barenga 200 bakaba abesnhi bari mukarere ka Kawangware, Kangemi, na Kayole. Nkuko umukozi wacu uba Nairobi yabitubwiye nuko bagiye kuramuka bakabona abantu banyuranye bavuga i Kinyarwanda bagurisha amandazi yo mu Rwanda za mithonge. Ikindi kandi izi maneko nabicanyi ba FPR balimo kugurisha muri turiya duce twavuze haruguru ninki Isombe, ifu y Imyumbati, nurusenda abanyarwanda besnhi bazi kukazina ka Akabanga gakorerwa mu Rwanda numunyemari witwa Nyirangarama. Ubu noneho aho leta ya FPR imariye kubona ko abanyarwanda besnhi bari hanze yu Rwanda bakunda ibiryo byiwabo FPR yahisemo  kujya ishira uburozi muri bimwe muribya bikundwa nabanyarwanda bose.Tukaba tuburira impunzi zabanyarwanda ziri mugihugu cya Kenya cyane cyane mumugi wa Nairobi kwirinda kugura amandazi nabantu babanyarwanda batazi neza cg se Urusenda n imboga zisombe ahanini zibunzwa nabanyarwanda. Abo bose nabakozi ba FPR bagambiriye kwica impunzi zabanyarwanda.

Usibye kandi aba balimo kurogera mubyo kurya kandi bakaba baragejejwe za Waithaka nahandi nabamwe mubantu ba FPR bakorera amabassade yu Rwanda i Nairobi kubera uduhumbi 3000 bahabwa na ambassade hari ubundi buryo FPR ikoresha. Murubwo buryo nuko. Muribuka liste yabantu yabonetse online ilimo abantu bashinzwe gahunda za FPR i Nairobi. Ariko turanagira ngo tubibutse ko amwe mumazina yabantu babonetse kuriyo liste yagiye atangwa nabajya muri Rwanda diaspora yi Nairobi bakaba barandikishije abaturanyi babo batanabahaye uburenganzira. Ngo bibwiraga ko hari agakiza karimo ariko bibagirwa ko ntagakiza gaturuka muri FPR uretse kumena amaraso cyane cyane ko iyo bigeze kubana banbahutu. Banyarwanda rero niba ukotanye ntukajye ukotana nabaturanyi bawe ngo utange nimero zabo zatelefone kubantu ba FPR. Jya ugenda wenyine nubundi uzagweyo wenyine nkuko wamucuruzi wumuhutu warukomeye cyane i Nairobi warufite ikommpanyi yubwishingizi Madison Insurance yatandukiye agatangira gukorana na Jeannette Kagame ako yakuye i Kigali ni umudamu we ubizi we wasigaye ari umupfakazi...