Friday, June 3, 2016



Ivan Kagame, the first born of President Paul Kagame, the ruler of Rwanda took to the professional social media called ‘LinkedIn’ where he published a long article designed to praise his father's achievement as the president of Rwanda. he also talked about the economic growth of Africa and the Rwandan politics. He said that he thinks the youth are the backbone of promoting economic growth through innovation and technology. He also added that Rwanda is the example of fast economic development that has bridged the gap between the Haves and the Have-Nots in Rwanda and in Africa. However Mr. Cyomoro forgot to differentiate and demonstrate the kind of Rwandans he is talking about. For the sake of understanding the First Son's language when he talks about Rwandans "Umunyarwanda or Abanyarwanda" we have to first understand his father's philosophy and what the word "Umunyarwanda" the Rwandan means in this country we all call home. 
The NDUMUNYARWANDA Philosphy According to Paul Kagame

In Rwanda when Kagame and his people say "Umunyarwanda" it is a disguised way of saying "all Tutsis." To use the word Umunyarwanda or the Rwandan means those who come from the same tribes as Mr. Kagame. Who in this case, are the Tutsi people. To understand this well let's put it in the context. When Paul Kagame and his government say that we have improved the living standards of "Rwandans" in other words it means that we have improved the living standards of the Tutsi people. According to him and his people, Hutus are not part of the Rwandan communities because they are supposed to be servants of slaves of the magic tribe "the Tutsis." This is why when western countries gives 100 Scholarships to the Rwandan government for the young bright Rwandans, Hutus are not counted. 

In 2009 we were given scholarships to go and study in Canada. I was among the 100 kids who were supposed to be shared among different countries across the globe including" USA, Belgium, UK, France, Germany, Canada, Japan, China, and Australia. I had scored 78% in the department of applied mathematics at the University of Rwanda Butare Campus. However, when the time of going to study they realized that majority of us were Hutus. Then the VC Chancelor called a meeting with all of us and in presence were people sent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, and Ibuka. We were plainly told that there is no way Rwandans can miss out to this opportunities and scholarships be given to the people of "Ibipinga", meaning those who oppose to the Tutsi regime. However, that insinuated the Hutu people. We were dismissed two months later we got letters that sent some of us to India, Turkey, and South Africa. The Tutsi kids that we were in the same class who performed miserably were instead sent to prestigious schools in Canada, USA, UK, and Germany. I went to study in India and when I came back I was told that people who went to study in India has no qualifications that the government of RPF is looking for. 
I stayed 3 years without any kind of job apart from running after farmers asking them to pay for "Mituelle" a health cover fees that the government forces people to pay to the national health fund. That is the gap that Captain Cyomore is talking about that his father helped to close. Most of the Tutsi kids finished schools in various rich countries asked asylum claiming that they were members of the Rwandan National Congress (a Tutsi political party in exile made up with the former Kagame allies who fell from grace and decided to go into exile). Those who decided to come back they found that the government had created positions for them and are currently holding big position. The difference between them and me it is because I am a Hutu, although I was number one for all four years at the Rwandan National University, it did not matter because I am not member of the royal family. Thank God a Catholic Priest saw what I was going through and sent me to go and study in Denmark. It took me 6 months to get a passport. Finally it worked now I can remind Mr Cyomoro that, like his father, when they talk about Rwandans, make no mistake, they are talking about "Tutsi" people. So when Mr. Cyomoro says that Rwanda is an example of development, maybe he is talking about an example of divisionism and discrimination that is deep-rooted in the hearts and heads of the ruling Tutsi class. 

Definitely, he was born and found his dad had carried out a successful blood-shedding coup which left over 2 million Rwandans dead and over 3 million in exile. All this people left a huge amount of wealth and properties in Rwanda of which his father grabbed and owned it. For a such child to say that his future is bright does not surprise anyone whether inside or without Rwanda. However, before such arrogance, Mr Cyomoro should have gone to Iwawa Island first and see where thousands of young people of his age have lost their future to the brutality of his father's regime. More than 15000 Rwandan youth are in concentration camp at Iwawa Island in the middle of Lake Kivu simply because they were born Hutus. Millions of Hutu youth cannot dare to say the same thing that their future is bright inside Rwanda. In fact every Hutu parent struggles to smuggle his/her child out of Rwanda because they are certain that their children's future is blink inside Rwanda under Cyomoro's father rulership. 
I hear that Kagame is grooming his son Cyomoro to succeed him in 2034. Cyomoro is now 25 he will be 43 in 2034 when his father plans to hand power to him and Rwanda becomes officially the North Korea of Africa. I am afraid that if Africa had many kids thinking like Cyomoro of Rwanda and his cousin Muhoozi of Museveni in Uganda then we would be doomed. Thank God they are only a few. It is true that Africa is rich but I have to remind Mr. Cyomoro that people like his father are the ones who have brought Africa to its knees. Just  a few examples of how Kagame drained Rwanda and DRC. Kagame is the only African who owns two private jets in a country where more than 70% of the Rwandans survive on less than a dollar a day. When the country's 60 of the budget comes from donors. When people in rural Rwanda still suffer from gigers because of poverty. When a woman selling banana Ms Uwamahoro was killed in the capital of Rwanda in broad day because she was exposing the lies of Kigali regime. Kagame invented DR Congo twice in order to loot. Can Mr Cyomoro tell us who iare: Gen. Laurent Nkundabatware Mihigo, Bertrand Bisimwa, Sultani Makenga, and Gen. Bosco Ntaganda and M23?

In his own words, Mr. Cyomoro said “ Rwanda, my country demonstrates that the values of that development is possible. It is a shame that he ignores the cries from Rwandan children languishing in poverty as we see on this photo below. This week the mayor of Muhanga in Gitarama said that more than 4000 children are missing both in schools and in their own homes. This is because many parents of these children no longer have enough to feed these kids due to the simple fact that RPF grabbed the land that used to feed these kids, but Cyomoro does not talk about this. He should pay a visit to Muhanga, my beloved district and see the amount of suffering people are undergoing due to his father's policies of impoverishing Hutus. To say that many international conferences are taking place in Rwanda has nothing to do with tangible development of Rwanda, it has to do with public relations that RPF plays very well. In 1980s, Kigali was " the Carrefour" of International Organizations such as CEPGL, CEAC, OUA, Francphone, among others and the World Bank called Rwanda the Swiss of Africa, but your dad never accepted that so why do you want Rwandans to believe in what you are saying about your own dad? Don't you remember than more than 200000 innocent Rwandans, including Ingabire Victoire are languishing behind the bars in different prisons built for Hutus around the country? 

When you openly say that Rwanda is one of the best countries to do business in Africa you forget that there is only one major supermarket in Kigali called Nakumatt of which can hardly sell anything to Rwandans because the market is too shallow. Only your mother and Mushikiwabo can afford to by milk there. If you think I am lying just visit Nakumatt and see how veggies are withering on the shelves. You also forget that Rwigara Assinapol one of the richest Rwandans (by the way he is a Tutsi too) was brutally killed and his business empire brought to the ground on the pretexts that his hotel of 25 years was not built according to the city council plan, really? What happened to a man called Tribert Rujungiro ( a Tutsi as well) and his UTC Business Complex? After you have answered those three questions then we will understand how to do business in Rwanda is extremely difficult. My Uncle who owned business in Muhanga had Frw 200,000,000 in his account in Banque de Kigali. During Agaciro Fund Storm he received a call from Nziza asking him to pay Frw 73,000,000 to Agaciro Fund Account regardless whether he wanted or not. For the fear of his life he even volunteered to pay Frw 90,000,000 because he knew your uncles were on their way for his life. 

I absolutely agree with Ivan Cyomoro, Africa still has chnces to develop but only when it get rid of its dictators like Paul Kagame, Robert Mugabe, Yoweli Museveni, and maong others who continue to torture, maim, and kill innocent Africans. 

As I conclude I would like to let Mr Cyomoro know that" Na Nyina Wundi Abyara Agahungu." Your father has plans for you in 18 years to rule Rwandans but also Col. Gaddafi had planned that his son Seif Islam would rule Libya, good luck. 


  1. Btw the Hutus were the one who started all these! You forgot when you use to call them cockroaches etc??. I am not being biased but it seems if you come back if given chance you will repeat the same. You must keep on re-assuring the regime in Kigali that, you have changed instead of blaming non-stop.

  2. I think, we should all turn a blind eye to all the duscrimination and see the positive side of things. Of course, we have our biases but let us live in harmony.