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Byumvuhore M,

I am  Dr Byumvuhore Michel and I am a Biophyicist working with one of the International Research Centers in Geneva. I am a Rwandan by my father's side and a Burundian by my mother's side. However, I have never been in Burundi because I was born in Rwanda and grew up in Rwanda I still live in Rwanda right now although my work takes me around the globe in different conferences and symposia. When I read Mr. Ignatius Ssuuna's article on the Associated Press I was in the plane from Kigali heading to Paris for a conference. I felt an urge to comment on it as a way of contributing to the nation building and also educating some people who might be either willingly or unwillingly ignorant about Rwanda since 1990s to this day. First to put this in perspective I would like to analyze each paragraph in order to help the Associated Press or any readership understand what to be in Rwanda means for different Rwandan communities that are currently under the Rwandan Patriotic Front's regime. I have to apologize for not writing this article from Rwanda because of two main reasons: 1) when I am in Rwanda I am not allowed to read anything that is not told by the RPF newspapers such as IGIHE.COM, IMVAHO NSHYA, among others, 2) while inside Rwanda, like most of the Rwandans, especially those who come from the other side of the tribal outfit, I am (we are ) not allowed to write anything negative about the RPF regime regardless of the circumstances because that is the kind of African democracy that we get bred in America. The kind of leadership Rwanda got is similar to the Ugandan one of Yoweli Museveni, and the Ethiopian one of Meles Zenawi. To understand all these three regimes you have to ask the people who live under them.

When you write "Members of Rwanda's security forces are arresting beggars, street children, sex workers and other "undesirables" who are arbitrarily detained in centers described as harsh and inhuman, Human Rights Watch said Thursday." To assist you understand your own writing I will start analyzing one by one of your article and try to put it in a contextual understanding so that you will be able to understand what we as Rwandans understand when we read your articles about Rwanda. Member of the Rwandan security forces are members of a tribal forces formerly called Rwanda Patriotic Army (RPA). This army is dominantly Tutsi from the president who is the Commander in Chief to the lowest ranking soldiers. at least 83% of them are Tutsis who make up only 14% of the Rwandan population. In other words, Rwanda does not have an army instead it has a tribal militia group supported by the western world, especially USA and UN making it a "legitimate forces" but in the eyes of the Rwandan majority, this is a Tutsi force designed to police Hutus and protect American looting interests in DR Congo.

When the Kagame's regime say that they "are arresting beggars, street children, sex workers and other "undesirables" who are arbitrarily detained in centers described as harsh and inhuman, Human Rights Watch said Thursday," Beggars, street children, and sex workers means " Hutus." Hutus and Twas are the only people in Rwanda who have been impoverished by the Kigali regime and therefore the above classes come from the Hutus. Beggars and street children come from the Hutu families which disintegrated in 1990s and 2000s when the RPF got power and killed or imprisoned their parents then the children ended up in the streets whereas their mothers became beggars after many Tutsi families from DRC, Burundi, and Uganda came back and grabbed their parents properties by force. To prove this to you is the Jali and Muhazi Ranches both owned by the Kagame family and yet these ranches had families before the coming of the RPF, where did these families go? You have to ask yourself some of these questions before writing. Sex workers are Hutu young women who have finished schools with high grades but they cannot be given jobs because most of the jobs in this country are the reserve of Tutsi women who graduate in different colleges around the country. This is because they are the ones who own means of paying school fees, buying books, and affording good schools because the RPF and USA-based organizations supported by the Clintons, Warren Buffet, and Rick Warren have put in place enough resources to assist Tutsis go to any schools of their choices. This answers the questions of loitering, begging, and sex-working people here in Rwanda, now let's move on to your next paragraph.

To understand the cost of the Rwanda appearance is for you to either go to Iwawa Island, Kami Prison, or ask the kids who are imprisoned at Iwawa. These kids most of them if not all come from the Hutu tribe. You will never see more Hutu youth in the Rwandan force higher ranking but you will see them in prisons and isolation camps around the country. To help you understand more on this please watch this New York Times video................................................................................

All these kids  you see in this video if you ask what is their tribe they will tell you that they are Hutus. Why should Hutus be put in concentration camps whereas Tutsi kids are going to school? Don't Ask me. Only RPF knows the philosophy behind it which is an "intellectual genocide."

The people who died in a "transit center" in Rubavu in Western Province as a result of injuries from beatings, poor conditions and lack of medical care that the Human Right Watch is talking about included my uncle that I am not going to name his real name because of the security of his family and myself. However, when went to visit him at Rubavu police station he was bleeding in his penis because of the beatings. Those who beat him up thoroughly are Tutsi soldiers and while beating him told him that he was being assaulted because they dont want to see old literate Hutus around who understand the history of Rwandan independence and Hutu revolution in 1959 because they can tell the younger generation about the history of serfdom, torture, and castration that Hutu males had to go through during the 400 years of the Tutsi monarchy. 

Here in Rwanda when you talk about "Undesirable" people it is another way of talking about Hutus. Hutus here have several names that the Tutsi government uses to refer to them in a coded language that only the people of Rwanda understand what the RPF wants to achieve. "Undesirable" means Hutus who are poor and must be get rid of if they are lucky they are not tossed into the rivers across Rwanda they are taken to Iwawa to dig sand for RPF construction projects. A good example is the recent inaugurated Kigali International Business Center that hosted the African Union Summit in July 2016. The sand that built it was from Lake Kivu and was dug by Hutu youth who have been held at the Island against their wish. Again this is another way of reviving the old Tutsi monarchy serfdom system where Hutus worked for Tutsis in their farms and construction work. If you want to ascertain whether these isolation centers are "rehabilitation centers" or concentration centers, ask the kids who have been held there for years without seeing their relatives and they are all from the Hutu tribe. This is what America brought to Rwandans. 

The Rwandan Justice Minister Johnson Busingye that you are talking about saying that he promised to investigate he is the most Tutsi extremist that Rwanda has ever known. He is the architecture of all this mess designed to reduce the Hutu population in the next 50 years according to the RPF manifesto plan, which says that by the year 2070, Tutsis should be the majority in all aspects of the Rwandan life. Some of its plans have been already achieved so far including education, military, employment, and administration. Hutus are just spectators. We all know how RPF torture and make people disappear if the HRW had not interviewed people anonymously we could expect more disappearances across the country in the next three months. Akk these centers scattered around Rwanda were established to implement the RPF master plan of making sure Hutus remain behind in all aspects of life. 

I would urge all Western reporters who work on Rwanda to be careful on whose data they use to access Rwanda's development. If you may agree with me some years ago Rwandan government doctored statistics for economic growth with the help of the Cambridge University what else can't this government do? Just to build more Hutu prisoners or to make them disappear and the next day we discover their bodies in Lake Rweru. 

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