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By Ildephonse Iratuma

For those who were lucky and survived the mass massacre of RPF of which Pr. Mpyisi had been one of the main sponsor and chaplaincy we can thank God that this day has come to give our testimony on what we know about a man called Ezra Mpyisi or Mpishi (as he is known in countries like Kenya and Tanzania where they couldnt pronounce Mpyisi 'Hyenna'). He lived in Kenya for many years as a refugee and a so-called a church minister at several Seventh-Day Adventist Churches in East Africa including the famous Maxwell SDA Central Church, Nairobi. If you happen to be in this church and you say you are from Rwanda, the first things members
Pastor Ezra Mpyisi
of the church, especially those who are old enough to have met this old man Mpyisi they will ask you whether you know Pastor Mpishi (Mpyisi because they cant pronounce it well). As always Tutsis are the best pretenders to accomplish their evil plans, Mr. Mpyisi was one of them. He pretended well all years that he spent at the East African SDA Union in Nairobi so that he could get the support he needed to finance RPF. At least he accomplished that because many of RPF meetings in Nairobi they used to take place in the church compound, including classrooms of the Maxwell Junior Academy. People and members of the church never knew what all those RPF meetings were all about in early 1980s to midi 1990s. They were to plan how to invade Rwanda and kill innocent people based on their ethnic background and shoot down a plane of two Hutu Presidents both Habyariman Juvenal of Rwanda and Ntaryaira Cyprien of Burundi when they were from Peace Negotiations in Arusha Tanzania. Mr. Mpyisi achieved that but also he had another gender that he carried out very well. 

In 1990s Pr Mpyisi was one of senior pastors ministering at Maxwell SDA Church Nairobi. This is the time many Rwandan refugees well fleeing the war and massacre in Rwanda. It was both sides of the conflicts that were fleeing Hutus and Tutsi. At this time Mr. Mpyisi had already established a strong healthy fund that was supposed to help Rwandans who were fleeing conflict in Rwanda. He had received millions of money both from well wishers but also from the SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH WORLDWIDE. For those who are old enough to remember, we know well that SDA church wirld over made donation to assist the people of Rwanda. Mr. Mpyisi was the main point of contact between the SDA Church in Rwanda and the world church. He had already branded Hutus who were in church leadership in Rwanda such as Pastor Rwamiheto who the President of the SDA Church in Rwanda then and people like Munzuyarwo and Samwel Karekezi and so on. He had termed these people to be genocidaires without any proof. It was the same same strategies that most of Tutsis have since been using to eliminate Hutus from important positions world over. This helped Mr. the priest to achieve his mission of getting funds for RPF and Tutsis who were coming to Nairobi. It also created a room for Mr. Mpyisi to eliminate and brand Hutus he did not want to fellowship at Maxwell SDA Church. 

In 1994 many Rwandans fled to Nairobi either as their way to seek an asylum in Kenya or as a transition path to the third country such as Europe, US, and Australia or other African countries, as long as they had left Rwanda. Among these Rwandans they were both Hutus and Tutsis who were SDA members as well. However, when people went to Maxwell to attend Church Mr. Mpyisi had already established himself and ready to make sure Hutu refugees at Maxwell church are frustrated. He branded Hutu SDA pastors who were followshiping at Maxwell as criminals and genocidaires who have killed people. Dear Mpyisi, really? You claim to be a man of God and I know for sure you know the truth, were this people criminals? That is for you and
Pastor Mpyisi at Gen Gapfizi's Funeral in 2012
God to answer as you continue ageing and nearing your day of judgment. When Mr. Mpyisi branded innocent Rwandan Hutus he wanted to exclude them from all the favors he was getting. He achieved this though because senior people at the East African SDA Union supported Mr. Mpyisi to frustrate and humiliate Hutu Rwandan refugees who were members of the Maxwell SDA Church in Nairobi. Some of those people who put their weights behind Mpyisi's heneous crimes were Pr. Paul Mwasia and others like Elder Mochache who menaced Rwandan Hutu refugees who fellowshipped at Maxwell SDA Church. Mr. Mpyisi also made sure some of the Hutu Refugees from Rwanda who were pastors couldnt access any humanitarian assistance as it is in the church spirit of helping its members, especially those called to serve in the church. However, orphans of Hutu refugees who were members of the SDA church and went to look for shelter and spiritual assistance at Maxwell SDA Church during the time of Mr. Mpyisi were met with stiff resistance. Some of the orphans of orphans of the Rwandan SDA pastors who fled to Kenya and sought assistance at Maxwell SDA Church or the East African SDA Union were humiliated and called names others had to be escorted outside of the church compound by the security personnel. It was that bad. 


Currently, Ezra Mpyisi is the Pastor and presents Bible teachings on City Radio F.M. to the poor Rwandans. He has a following but majority of the Hutu SDA members know his evil activities and dont listen to his lies. He has lived to see the different regimes of Rwanda since the kingdom era. He is currently 89 years of which half of it was spent in exile, but as the second Republic of Habyarimana Juvenal was peaceful he used to visit Rwanda very often but he did not want to stay in Rwanda because he knew the plans of RPF invading and eventually taking power by force. This man was born in 1922, in Nyanza which was the capital city of Rwandan monarchy  at the time.

He has a reason of beng bad hearted since he was born during the great drought known as Rumanura, to the late Rutarira. He attended several primary schools during the colonial era such as; Rwamata Adventists School and Gitwe Missionary School. 
He was then selected to represent the Adventist religion in parliament. Later when Rwandans started agitating for independence in 1959 Mr. Mpyisi went into exile in Zimbabwe where he joined the Solusi Adventists University where he pursued a Bachelors Degree in Theology. his children attended Bugema Adventists School in Uganda. In 1996 he returned to Rwanda and became a leader of The Adventist University of Central Africa Mudede of which he lies in Rwanda newspapers that he established and yet we all know very well that Mudende University has been there since late 1970s. I was brought up in Mudende because my family worked there in early 19980s therefore I dont understand how this old man gives himself a credit that he established Mudende University as the first privately owned University in Rwanda. If he takes a credit of supporting RPF and harassing Rwandan Hutu refugees in Nairobi, that one no one is going to dispute them but claiming that he established Mudende University is a white lie. 
That is the story of an old man who is also an extremist and racist. 

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