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Adapted from IKAZE IWACU

This morning Burundians have woken up to a sad news of the death of two nuns from Italy. These nuns are said to have been murdered in Kamenge, Bujumbura. According to AFP, the two elderly Italian nuns were killed Sunday, September 7 in a convent of Kamenge, in the outskirts of Bujumbura by a young man who fled the scene, according to police and administrative sources. According to the Italian authorities, the victims were named Olga Raschiett and iLucia Pulici. They were members of a community inspired by the Jesuit missionary St. Francis Xavier and installed north of Bujumbura. 
Burundian bishops with the Pope Francois
Burundian bishops with the Pope Francois
According to the diocese of Parma (Italy), which aired pictures of the two nuns in civil, pleasant faces, they were killed during a burglary attempt led by  a "disorderly person" . However, we have learned that these nuns might have been murdered by a political motivated move and Rwandan government is one of prime suspects. A priori, the flight is not the motive for the crime. An Italian cooperative and religious Croatian had been murdered in November 2011 in their religious mission in Ngozi in northern Burundi.Their two young assassins, quickly arrested, reported having acted on behalf of some body else well connected. 
They were convicted a few days later to life in prison after a specific procedure act. Burundi, a small African Great Lakes history marked by numerous ethnic violence emerged from a decade of civil war in 2006 (by AFP). 
Two sisters murdered with Burundian friends
Two sisters murdered with Burundian friends
But the news coming from the Embassy of Burundi in Brussels, gave another version of events. According to the Embassy of Burundi in Belgium, the two sisters, Olga and Lucia  of Italian origin were murdered by opposition members who are allied to the Kigali government. Right now the Burundian police are looking for two criminals. 's research focuses on the residences of members of the ADC-IKIBIRI.
Burundi's Ambassador to Belgium, Mr. Felix NDAYISENGA went even further, stating that an unauthorized source suggests that these Rwandan criminals belong to the Rwandan Intelligence  Service (DMI) . One senses an upcoming crash between the two countries seeing what has been happening in the recent years between Rwanda and Tanzania. This statement from the Burundian embassy in Brussels might cause another diplomatic row like the one which we have been witnessing between Rwanda and Tanzania.
Read here for more details in Kirundi :  http://ingoma.bi/Ibara-ryaraye-riguye-Mu-Kamenge.html
Ikaze Iwacu had also warned the destabilization of Burundi by former Rwandan Defense Forces' soldiers who were born in Burundi. Since the beginning of this year they have been trained in camps in Rwanda and Gako Gabiro. These young Burundian soldiers were among the Rwandan army sent to Kinshasa to help Joseph Kabila to massacre Congolese and Rwandan-Congolese who are related to Hutus both in Burundi and Rwanda. Paul Kagame himself had insisted they go to the Congo to acquire operational experience of combat: 

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