Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Dear fellow Rwandans and friends of Rwanda. Those inside and without Rwanda, whether here in Kigali or outside I take this opportunity to greet you and wishing you peace. Things are very tough for us here in Rwanda because of disappearance machinery set up by the RPF regime and its DMI mechanism. Since the beginning of this year more than 40000 Rwandans have disappeared in unsual circumstances. Some of them have been found strangled others thrown into different Rwandan rivers to drown. Our newsonlines the KIGALI EVENING POST and the KARISIMBI NEWSONLINE  have continued to shed light on forced disappearances that have been taking place in Rwanda, especially between the month of April and this September. MMany Rwandans have lost their beloved ones who had been picked up by the Rwandan police and other security apparatus. We continue to provide the service of telling the world what we are undergoing here in Rwanda. We have just received another information from a family whose member of the family disappeared 4 months ago ad they dont know whether he is still alive or dead. 

The family of Murenzi Desire is appealing to members of the public and the Rwandan security insitutions to help them know where their son MURENZI DESIRE might be. According to the family members and friends Mr. MURENZI DESIRE who hails from NYABIHU, Rambura Sector, Guriro Cell, and Raro Village was picked up at Rubavu
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shopping center by unknown people who were wearing police and local defense uniforms.  The elderly person that we have just talked he asked us not to mention his name because of the obvious reasons, his security would be in danger if we disclosed his details, said that they have not seen Mr Murenzi since then. They had tried to look for help from government institutions such as the Mayor of Nyabihu, RPF security institutions but they have all turned them down. "From the day we had our friend is missing, we went straight to Rubavu and talked to the district Mayor of Rubavu Bwana Bahame Hassan who promised to follow up with the issue but we waited nothing happened. Then we decided to report to our Mayor of Nyabihu district Bwana Twahirwa Abdulatif who sent us to the Afande but the Afande did nothing instead they asked us to go to Kigali to ask about our relative." one of Murenzis friends told us. 

We are absolutely scared that ssomething badmight have befallen our friend. We asked the RPF administration to facilitate us and show us where our son is incarcerated so that we can be going to visit him waiting his fate but they have always chased us. They even threatened to put us behind the bars if we continued searching for him. Since we were left with no option we decided to appeal to the whole world so that they know what we are going through now. Murenzis case is one of over 50000 Rwandans, especially young people who have mysteriously disapeared here in Rwanda without a trace. Those who have been managed to be found they had been either strangled or thrown into rivers such as Sebeya in Gisenyi which took them to Lake Kivu, Mukungwa River in Ruhengeri which took them all the way south to River Akanyaru or Akagera and eventually into Lake Rweru as we have been reading in various media outlet. Recently we have also seen cadavers in Nyabugogo and most of those people were young women whom the Kigali government has branded prostitutes. However, when you ask people clandestinely, you find out that these people being killed across the country of Rwanda are either suspected to be working with FDLR or RNC which are political parties opposed to the Kigali regime. 

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The family of Bwana Murenzi Desire are appealing to the RPF administration so that they can let them where their son and friend is. "We dont know whether our son is still alive or his body was maong those who had been tossed into Nyabarongo and were later discovered in Burundi at Lake Rweru. We are so afraid," One of them told us. 

We hope that people can be bold enough and come out and tell to the world what is happening in Rwanda. Recently among the bodies found in Burundi on Lake Rweru had identification from as far as Gisenyi in Northern Rwanda. These bodies had been mutilated badly using AGAFUNI to kill these innocent Rwanda. When we spoke to this person who is searching his friend Murengezi Desire he was hiding in the marsh fearing that the DMI and other RPF apparatus might find out that he has spoken to the media which would mean his death sentence once he is caught. 

Mr. Murengezi Desire's familiy is not alone. There have been thousands of reported and unreported across Rwanda. Those who had been taken to jail are as fortunate. However, thousands of other young Rwandans have not been traced ever since. They are feared to have been thrown into Lake Muhazi where President Paul Kagame has a crocodile farm. The villagers living in the proximity of this lake have always reported hearing lorries at night carrying people crying because of beatings. But when the lorries return from the lake they are empty. "We wonder where they dump this people because they dont come back with lorries!" One of Rwandans in Nsinda reported.

We hope that the international community could step up and help peopl like Murenzis family members to find their beloved ones who had been snatched by RPF apparatus. The Human Rights bodies whether inside or outside Rwanda should be responsible enough and come to help us. We are losing people every day and yet no one seems to care. Writing this aritcle one must either be inside a cave or make sure you have tsaid good bye to your beloeved ones because once you are caught that is the end of yourself. Please help us we are being picked by RPF but we never come back and our families never know what happened to us. You can read the same story in Kinyarwanda on Karisimbi Online

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