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Paul Kagame and his Tutsi group hate people Rwandans who look like JAY-Z, KANYE-WEST, NOTORIOUS, 50CENTS, AKON, MEEK MILL among others because of their wide noses and muscular structure..If they were Rwandans they could be classified as Hutu male which carries statewide profiling, and may mean death or disappearance in the Kagame led government. Like in America where African Americans are profiled by the white police, in Rwanda being a Hutu alone is a sin enough to take your life away. If these guys were Rwandans, they would have been either killed by RPF in 1990s, behind bars working on Kagames and other prominent Tutsis farms for free or if they were lucky enough recruited in the military to go and die in DR Congo fighting their brothers and sisters. This what to be a Hutu male in Rwanda means. It carries a heavy sentence. Tutsis dont like people with wider nose. They believe that if you have a bigger nose then you are a Hutu and you dont deserve any other place in Rwanda but to labor for Tutsis. They believe the sons of farmers were born to labor for Tutsis to eat. 
Rwanda is a small landlocked country found in East Central African region. It is inhabited by three different tribes that hate each other to the core. How this hatred of centuries start? I am going to take you behind the scene of the history and the politics of Rwanda like never before. I am also going to compare its population social background of that of other black people around the world. Rwanda has three tribes: Hutus (85%), Tutsis (14%), and Twas (1%). Today I want to focus on the Rwandan population Vis a Vis the African American people. After the Rwanda massacre that pitched Hutus and Tutsis in 1994 followed the Tutsi invasion of Rwanda in October 1990 from Uganda. Tutsis supported by President Yoweli Museveni Kaguta of Uganda who had just come to power through rebel movement supported by the Tanzania government and American government. The plan was to help the Tutsis refugees come back to take over power in Rwanda and end Hutu republican which had been in power for three decades after the end of Monarch. The American government supported the Tutsi rebellion as a way to establish a minority regime in Rwanda so that they can have access to mineral rich DR Congo. 

This was achieved when the Tutsis rebellion led  by Paul Kagame, supported by Museveni, and financially oiled by America killed two Hutu presidents Habyarimana Juvenal and Ntaryamira Cyprian of Burundi by downing the Rwandan presidential jet in Kigali the capital of Rwanda. This terrorist act was followed by the invasion of DR Congo where more than 8 million Hutu refugees and Congolese people were butchered by the new regime in Kigali led by Paul Kagame who is a Tutsi leader. 

From that time Hutus have been treated as second class the same way black Americans are treated as second class. Hutus have been persecuted, shot by the police during broad day, killed any time that Tutsi feel they want to shed blood with no justice. As the matter of fact today there are more than 200,000 Hutu males in jails across Rwanda. These 200,000 people were incarcerated on lame charges and for the last 20 years they have never had a chance to appear before the international court because their basic work was to become industrial free labor for the Bill Clinton plantation in Rwanda managed by Paul Kagame of Rwanda. These 200,000 Hutu males work for free all over Rwanda without pay. Do you see any similarities with the American slavery of black people? Yes slavery Kagame style. 

Most of the western propagandist media don’t tell this truth. The same way they brand African American male to be criminal that is the same way the western media led a campaign in 1990s to tarnish the image of the Hutu people that they were criminals and sanctified the evil deeds of the Tutsi people as the victims. However, things have started changing now when many American researchers started searching for the truth of what really happened in Rwanda in 1990s. However, they don’t tell us what happens in comparison to other black communities that we find across the globe. Today I am going to give some details of what is happening in Rwanda today 20 years after America put the minority Tutsis in power to serve the interests of Bill Clinton and friends. 

Hutus has been the victims of the Rwandan history ever since 1376 when the Tutsis staged a bloody coup to overthrow the Hutu majority monarch called "Ubwami." Before the 1300 AD Rwanda used to be led by Hutu kings called "Abahinza." The word Abahinza means rain-makers. These kings were like the judges and prophets that we read in the bible. They were chosen to lead the people of Rwanda and carry out spiritual rituals. They could make rain when it stopped raining and bless and curse people when they did offend their people and did not abide by the kingdom guidelines. 

One day Tutsis came to Rwanda herding cows and sheep from the plains of River Nile near Blue Nile in Southern Sudan. Hutus who are Bantus are characterized by the Abahinza philosophy of "Ubumuntu" humanity, kindness, humility, community, and hospitality. When the climate change started heating up in the Horn and Eastern Africa region. Nilotic tribes started fighting over grazing land. A small group of Nilotic left for the west of Nile and found themselves in the West Uganda highlands. That time Uganda was called Bunyoro. The people living in Uganda were called BANYORO. The Nilotic settled in Bakiga Highlands in Ankole region. Hence the name Abanyankole. One day there was a Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) is a severe, highly contagious viral disease that made some Banyankole leave Western Uganda and ended up in Umutara region whereas others passed in northern Rwanda Rutchuru and Bunagana region into the Bigogwe Highlands hence the Abagogwe people. 

When the Tutsis arrived in Rwanda, Hutus received them and welcomed them because of the Bantu philosophy of Ubuntu (being kind to other people even when you don’t know them you have to see them as humans and treat them with humanity). After being welcomed with their cattle Hutus who were the land owners growing crops gave grazing land to Tutsis. They coexist with Twas who were hunter gatherers. All governed by the Hutu Abahinza. 

One day the Tutsis schemed a plan to take over power because they had understood that a Muhinza (Hutu King) was replaced by his son at his death. They also understood that when a new king is crowned comes into the government with his mother as the queen mother and chief of cabinet and his mother’s brothers as the statehouse comptrollers. So one day Tutsis strategized that if the Muhinza's son married our of our daughters then it would be the first step to power in this kingdom. One day Tutsis started sending their charming and treacherous daughters to the kings sons for free sex. One day a Hutu prince fell in love with a Tutsi woman and demanded to marry her. When she came to power as the prince's wife she became a princess and later when the Muhinza died his son inherited the throne together with his Tutsi wife. She became the queen. That was the beginning and the Hutu demise. 

Traditionally, Tutsi women go home for 90 days after they are married. Tutsi culture also does not forbid incest. That is why Tutsis tell you that this or that is my cousin. Cousins are allowed to have sex and marry among themselves. That is the Tutsi culture. This tradition created an opportunity for this now Tutsi queen to go back home to her parents for 90 days. This time she was fertile and slept with her uncles and cousins. When she came back she was already pregnant. There was no pregnancy test then. When the prince slept with her then he thought that was his kid but it was a pure Tutsi blood. Only the Tutsi queen and her parents knew this. After many years the Hutu Muhinza died then his so called "prince son" was to assume throne. Hutu wise men did not discern what was going on until the day the king who had no Hutu blood had taken over and ordered that all Hutu wise men be killed and hanged. That is where the word "IBISHAHURO" which is a male's private parts severed and hanged in the Carrefour for all to see. That time all Hutu wise men and subjects and chiefs closer to the kingship were killed and their private body parts were hung in the junction. That was the first Rwandan genocide. 

Then on this day the ruling system in Rwanda changed for the next 400 years. Hutus became slaves in their country and Tutsis became the nobles over Rwandans. Whoever revolted against the Tutsi monarch was brutally killed and his head severed for all to see. That is the same system Paul Kagame use today. Any Hutu who demonstrates different views he is either killed instantly or taken into jail for no reason. That id how Hutus became servants and slaves in a serfdom system that ended in 19950s when Hutu intellectuals trained by missionaries in Europe came back to demand that majority be given right to decide their future. In 1962 UN organized a referendum between two options the continuation of monarchy or presidential republican system. Hutus won and the monarch ended. Majority of Tutsis who were closer to the monarchy decided to leave Rwanda into the neighboring countries. However, they were so bitter to be ousted by the former slaves and bid to come back one day. That is how Kagame and his Tutsi refugees came back in 1990s killing. maiming, and raping all Hutu women they found in their way. 


All Hutu male are treated like African American in USA. There is no coincidence because most African American look like Hutus. They share the same physical features that are common among people of African origin. Stout bodies, well built, strong muscles, and high built structure with wider nose. If Jay-Z, Kanye, Akon, Africa Bambaataa, Curtis James Jackson known professionally as 50 Cent, Tauheed Epps known professionally as 2 Chainz (formerly Tity Boi), and among others were in Rwanda they could now be in jail because they look like Hutus. In fact their noses and their physical stout appearance would have had them killed because they would be the sons of laborers, farmer’s hardworking parents. That is how painful it is to be in Rwanda as a Hutu male. 

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