Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mr Eddy Vanmechelen from Belgium Says that Paul Kagame Is a Daimon that Came to Destroy Rwanda

By Karirima Ngarambe

On this day Rwandan media houses held a discussion with a Belgian national Mr Eddy Vanmechelen from Anvers region but currently lives in Rwanda together with his family. In his interview with the Rwandan newspaper owned and operated by the Kagame government IGIHE.COM said that Kagame Paul is a daimon that descended upon Rwanda to destroy Rwandans.

The IGIHE.COM sought to find the truth about Vanmechelens words by revealing that he is a government journalist and wanted to comfirm whether Mr Vanmechelen was just being funny by the same reiterated his words saiying: " I am not blaguing because I have witnessed what has been happening in Rwanda since 1990, the truth is that President Paul Kagame is a Big Diamon that befell the once beautiful andp eaceful nation Rwanda and he has brought sorrow and pain to millions of Rwandans. He further went on to say that President Paul Kagame did not kill Rwandans only but also went ahead and killed Congolese people ordered rape, and looting in DRC.

Mr Vanmechelen said that I am not only talking because I have posted numerous articles detailing how this man is a devil who seeks nothing else but to suck the blood of his people. He is greedy and always blood thirsty ghost in the Great Lakes region…Mr. Vanmechelen continued to clarify that his country of origin Belgium has spread rumours and propoganda that Kagame has done miracles in Rwanda but they have never allowed Belgians understand that Paul Kagame is a murderer who has a blood of over 6 million Rwandans and Congolese people on his hands.

As I occasionally said it on my facebook posts if we believe in God, Angels, and daimons, Kagame's actions agaisnt his own people and the Congolese is the manifestation of daimon. What I say I believe in it because Kagame has destroyed his own country.

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