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This document below was published by former RPF high ranking officers and members. I translated it from its original language (French), and it clearly displays a part of a much elaborated plan to which we thought we knew. The Empire they call Nilotic Empire, is an even bigger version of the HIMA-TUTSI Empire I described few days ago.

Déogratias Bugera, fromer AFDL leader from the North Kivu
Déogratias Bugera, former AFDL leader from the North Kivu
It obvious, that some elite Tutsi have even bigger ambitions than we think. Analytically, they all lead to one thing. The total control of a large part of central and Eastern Africa, directly, and or by allies who are the origins other than Bantus or Hutus; Please read and digest this testimony. The threat is real and we need no more witnesses than these men who shared with us this chilling document, on top of current actions by RPF itself, Museveni and western globalist
Far from being the product of a wild imagination, build a great empire Nile in Africa is the most ambitious political project and more important to the two top Tutsi leaders Museveni, Kagame and their Anglo-Saxon supporters. Having met the interests of the latter, this project is logically immense support which does not however seem to be able to ensure success as revealed in the next match. Dated June 30, 1997 and written in Nyagatare by Major Dr. Emmanuel Ndahiro (former boss outside Rwandan intelligence), the message was written for members of TIP ( Tutsi International Power), a Tutsi lobby with international influence in the Great Lakes.
It comes from the pen of Ndahiro of «  urgent and appropriate to safeguard our project « When we gathered in Kisoro ( Uganda) from 3 to 5 June 1997 just after our victory led to the fall of the dictator Mobutu, we emphasized the need to strengthen our promise affecting our best human resources services in dealing with security, the economy, finance and administration, particularly in the provinces of North and South Kivu which are an integral part of our country. This strategy is intended to facilitate our control of the Democratic Republic of Congo and consolidate further our influence in the Great Lakes region.  » The RPF officer continues:  »
In fact , Zaire was the missing link for us to ensure that we achieve total control of power in the Indian Ocean basin, with the exception of Kenya and Tanzania, where power remains still in the hands of our enemies. However, Kenya can not resist for a long time, since the internal pressure our Ugandan, Ethiopian and Eritrean brothers who are determined to continue until they get the victory! « But there is only Zaire in the crosshairs of regional liberators : « In Regarding Tanzania, Masai our brothers have not yet earned enough political and military influence to begin the liberation war as our friends in Kenya did ».
Paul Kagame. RPF leader and Hima-Tutsi empire military leader
Paul Kagame. RPF leader and Hima-Tutsi empire military leader
We need to examine together what should be done to preventMwalimu Nyerere who clearly intends sabotage our hegemonic plans and actively seeks to dethrone our brother in Burundi, Major Pierre Buyoya. << Then Ndahiro is much more precise and accusative>> And further, the Tanzanian government openly supports Nyangoma and INTERAHAMWE General Bizimungu, who are respectively responsible the genocide in Burundi and Rwanda. While we await for your proposals to be submitted for approval at the meeting proposals that held in Mbarara, Uganda, from 17 to 19 July 1997, we must call all our leaders in the Democratic Republic of Congo to stay vigilant day and night because Laurent Désiré Kabila is Lumumbiste.
<<Clear and sensible, the note goes as a warning :>> You know very well that Lumumbists are nationalists. They could one day rebel against us and hunt Congo. Congolese are as Hutu They are ungrateful. That is why we strongly urge the governor of North Kivu, Kanyamuhanga Gafundi and our brothers Ngezayo Albert and Rwakabuba Shinga, respectively president and vice- president of TIP (Team leaders in the Democratic Republic of Congo) to work closely and support the soldiers of RPA and NRA assigned to DRC, the protection of our representatives (Déogratias Bugera and Bizima Karaha ) within the government.<< Note particular emphasis on the threat posed by Interahamwe>> Our soldiers must, by all means,neutralize Mayi-Mayi and Interahamwe who became a thorn in the security our farmers in the Masisi region. In its latest report, the Governor of North Kivu, Kanyamuhanga Gafundi, expressed the same fears  » .
And in conclusion : « Finally, we would like to inform you that some our friends started to turn back and discredit us. They consider us “merchants of war ‘ or even ‘ genocide “ . They threaten to withdraw their support. We urgently need to find strategies to adequately address this situation.
Yoweri Museveni, the Hima-Tutsi empire overall commander.
Yoweri Museveni, the Hima-Tutsi empire overall commander.
The content of this note is confirmed by several top-secret documents in our possession that describe in detail including incitement by Kagame, Museveni and their sponsors to inter-ethnic war between Kalanjine Kenya ( President Moi tribe ) and other tribes including Kikuyu. We could mention the meetings held in February and December 1992 at Entebbe State House between Museveni, Nyerere , Baroness Lynda Chalker,who represented British interests, a representative of Lonrho, a delegation from the SPLA ( chaired by Colonel John Garang ) RPF Officers , Colonel JJ Odong (Kenya) . [ Proof No. 0132 ] .
RWANDA GENOCIDE : THE PEOPLE SCREAMING JUSTICE! MEMORANDUM SENT TO SECURITY COUNCIL OF THE UNITED NATIONS. Advocacy for a comprehensive , objective and impartial investigation into the Rwandan genocide and its aftermath. Results of investigations conducted by the Task Documentation & Security Partnership – Intwari, January 2008 by:
Emmanuel Habyarimana

Déogratias Mushayidi
NB: The document was drafted in 2008 by personnees ABOVE, former active members of the RPF

The French version is herfichier pdf plan-anglo-saxon
Edited and translated by Jean Paul Romeo Rugero

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RWANDA:What's in speech P. Kagame and Museveni Y. 07/04/2014 in Kigali? - Analysis.

Published by the Musabyimana Newspaper

Analysis of speeches in Kigali April 7, 2014 by President Paul Kagame of Rwanda and Yoweri Museveni of Uganda.

On 7 April 2014, several personalities from the world had joined Paul Kagame and his government to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide.
Among the heads of state present, the Ugandan Yoweri Museveni was in the forefront especially since we know the role he played in the conquest of Rwanda by former intelligence officer Paul Kagame. His speech for the occasion, such as his former subordinate in the Ugandan army in 1994 became his colleague was very expected.
Paul Kagame speaking "French"  !
After his diatribe against France in an interview published yesterday in the weekly "Jeune Afrique", Rwandan President continued its momentum in his public speech at Amahoro stadium. He then accused France of having actively participated in the preparation and execution of the genocide, which the French government had deemed unacceptable and had canceled his participation in these celebrations where she would be represented by the Minister of Justice Christine Taubira. Note in passing that it is known for its sympathies and his boundless admiration to General Paul Kagame of Rwanda so that she did not hesitate to go testify against a well-known investigative journalist Pierre Péan, who had dared to denounce, in one of his book, s lies Paul Kagame. It is true that Madame Taubira was not at the time Minister of the Republic and the journalist Pierre Péan won the high hand trial. But this episode speaks volumes about the state of the influence and penetration of pro-Kagame lobbies in France to the highest peak of the state. No representative of France in the audience as the Ambassador of France in Kigali had been withdraw its accreditation by the Government of Rwanda, Paul Kagame has engaged in an all out attack the colonizers and missionaries to whom he attributes all pain suffered by the Rwanda since their arrival in the region in the 19th century until the 1994 genocide. Referring to French about his participation in the genocide denials, Kagame then surprised and surprised many by saying in his speech four words in French: "... Facts are stubborn things." Knowing that the poor speaker Paul Kagame, even in English, language training, or Kinyarwanda his "mother tongue", it is hard to understand, you imagine the enormous efforts that have been provided by pathologists and other experts communication to make him let go in public these four magic words in a language that not only he does not know but that in principle he abhors.
Facts are stubborn things: Kagame did not think so right
Recognizing that the facts are indeed stubborn, Rwandan President who believed and intimidate France, did not know he was shooting itself in the foot. Indeed now, every time one of his innumerable crimes deliberately obscured today will be the big day, we can make him that "the facts are really stubborn." When it is no longer taboo to say that it was he who, from the Ugandan army has waged war that devastated Rwanda since 1990, a war that has displaced more than a million poor farmers forced off their land of Byumba and Ruhengeri, that it was he who ordered the assassinations and acts of terrorism throughout the territory of the Republic since 1992, when evidence of bad faith in the negotiations in Arusha, that under the complicity of Roméo Dallaire, he militarized Kigali after sending a battalion in the capital in December 1993 in preparation for the final assault it would launch, it has drawn on the plane carrying the Rwandan and Burundian presidents on the evening of April 6, 1994, when the UN archives go up that it was he who gave the ultimatum to foreign forces to leave Rwanda since the launch of its offensive in April 1994 that sent a delegation to the Security Council of the UN to request that no force should not be sent to Rwanda before his seizure of power ... then we can replicate it as: "Mr. President, remember that you said at Amahoro stadium on 04/07/2014: "Facts are stubborn!" "
Museveni speech or Birth "official" Hima-Tutsi empire?
In the '60s a document outlining a project to install a Hima-Tutsi empire in the Great Lakes circulated. But few observers paid attention because he was considered rather a tract of bad taste from the fantasies of some intellectuals pain sensations. After the conquest of Uganda by Museveni supported by Hima Tutsi Rwandans (1982-1986), some remembered the project. When the RPF conquered in turn Rwanda (1990-1994), the less skeptical were convinced that the plan was being fulfilled.
After some historical facts ethno reminders of the said region, he stressed that the region is now in the hands of patriotic forces (think the Hima-tusi Nilo-Hamitic-) and that other people had been finally defeated. Three decades after the start of this adventure to build this empire, he pulls the record saying that they are more than ever politically and militarily strong as economically.
Speak Does it still "Myth Hima-Tutsi empire" or now a palpable geopolitical reality when its designer and Yoweri Kaguta Museveni batiseur comes from definer physical contours?
Brussels 08/04/2014
Emmanuel Neretse


Byatangajwe nikinyamakuru IKAZE IWACU

Nanditse iyi nyandiko ngirango nshimangire n’ izindi nanditse mbere, ubwo nasobanuraga ko Ingoma Hima-Ntutsi ariyo mwanzi w’ abaturage mu karere k’ ibiyaga bigari. Mbanje cyane kwamagana abanyapolitiki b’Abahutu cyangwa Abatutsi bakomeje guhakana imibereho y’ iriya ngoma, bayobya urubyiruko n’ abanyamahanga, ngo ikibazo ni Kagame.

hima-tutsiAmateka ntabeshya, Kalinga yamaze imyaka amagana kugeza iranduwe muri 1959, niyo yagarutse igarukana ibyayo byose ndetse n’ akarusho. Ubugome, ubusambo, ubwirasi n’ ububeshyi byarenze ihaniro. Singiye gusubira ku bimenyetso natanze, dore ko hari abavuze ngo nta “mpapuro zibyerekana”. Muri wa mwirato rero w’ ibi bikomangoma, Museveni ejotariki ya 7 Mata 2014 yongeye kutwibutsa neza umwanya abahutu bafite mu karere.
Mu gufungura ijambo rye yabanje yatubwira uturere tugize iyo ngoma muri aya magambo“Rwanda, along with Burundi, Uganda, parts of North Western Tanzania, Eastern Congo, Western Kenya, is part of the Great Lakes area that has, since several millennia, been occupied by the inter-lacustrine Bantus, Nilotics, Nilo-Hamitic and the Sudanic peoples. The Rwanda people themselves are Bantu, part of the inter-lacustrine Bantus” Mu magambo make Museveni mu burimanganyi bwe yavuze ko “Rwanda, U Burundi, Uganda, n’ ibice by’ uburengerazuba bwa Tanzania, Uburasirazuba bwa Congo, uburengerazuba bwa Kenya, ngo byose ari akarere k’ ibikaya bigari, mu myaka ibihumbi hahoze hatuwe n’ abanyabiyaga ba BANTU, Nilotics, n’ Abasudani. Yemeje ko U Rwanda rwo, ari Bantu gusa. Museveni kugeza ubu akaba yarakomeje kujijisha abantu ko Abatutsi ari Bantu, kandi ari Hamitics. Bamwe muri Bantu bakaba baraguye muri uwo mutego, benshi bakaba barabiguyemo.
Muri iryo jambo Museveni yavugiye I Kigali kuya 7 Mata 2014, yakomeje avuga amahamba y’ abaturage b’ akarere kacu, aryongora yerekeza mu gushyigikira ingoma HIMA-TUTSI cyangwa muri icyo gihe yo twitaga KARINGA iwacu mu Rwanda. Yashimye cyane uwahoze ari umwami Rudahigwa ko yakuyeho ikiboko, akanazana ubutabera mu butunzi, nko kugabana inka n’ ubutaka (Mu by’ ukuri Rudahigwa yahatiwe na ONU ndetse n’ abazungu guhagarika ibyo bikorwa).
Museveni yakomeje avuga ko intwari za Afrika, Rudahigwa na Rwagasore, bishwe na ba rutemayeze b’ ibyihebe nka Gregoire Kayibanda wari umaze gutozwa n’ abakoroni muri seminari. Ngo uwo Kayibanda akaba yaratangiye Genocide ya mbere (Ashaka kuvuga revolution ya 1959). Yabivuze muri aya magambo “Using their military force (e.g. Kakomankongyi – helicopters), the Colonialists supported a criminal sectarian group of Gregoire Kayibanda whom they had trained in their Seminaries in Europe, to take power and launch the first genocide of 1959 to 1963.” Sinzi rero igihe iseminari yigeze yigisha Tactics zo kwica.
Mu kurata ingoma yabo, Museveni yavuze ko Abahutu bari bamerewe neza mbere y’ impinduka yo muri 1959, ko nubwo Abanyiginya n izindi “mfura” (noble) bari bafitanye utubazo, ko ariko hagati mu baturage imibanire yari myiza. Mu gusoza ijambo rye yashimye cyane RPF Inkotanyi ko zatsinze abo bagambanyi bakirukira kwa mwene wabo Mobutu Sese Seko, bakaba batazagaruka kwica abana b’ abanyarwanda. Museveni yahaye gasopo abashaka kwishyira hamwe cyangwa bacumbikiye abo ba “Genocidaires”, ko nabo bazahura n’ ingabo z’ ingoma y’ abatutsi. Yasezeranyije U Rwanda ko U Buganda buri kumwe nabo mu nzira yo kwibohora no kuzamura Afrika.
Ese Abanyarwanda twakura iki muri iri jambo?
Museveni yavuze mu ijwi ryumvikana. Yabwiye abahutu ko amateka yabo ari ibyatsi. Ko intwari zabo ari abagambanyi, ko abahutu ari ibigwari by’ ibicucu, ko ibyiza ariko bareka bagategekwa n’ abatutsi burundu. Museveni ntacyo yavuze ku iyicwa ry’ abahutu iryo ari ryo ryose, kuko kuri we umuhutu mwiza n’ upfuye. Mu bubeshyi bwe kimwe n’ inshuti ze, yamaganye abazungu, yigira umunyafurika uruta abandi, kandi tuzi ko ari bo bamugize. Mu mwirato we yavuze ko ubu nta wabashobora kuko bafite politiki, ubukungu, n’ igisirikari cya kabuhariwe. Ariko twese tuzi uko babagenje muri Congo na M23 yabo.
Empire HIMA-TUTSI iriho si ibihuha. Abanyapolitiki n’ abandi bose bashaka kurwana iyi ntambara bagomba kumenya umwanzi uwo ari we. Abazi ko ngo Empire Hima izakurwaho n’ amatora, bakirirwa bajunjika abana b’ u Rwanda mu bipapuro baraduhemukira cyane. Ingoma yambaraga ibishahu byanyu yaragarutse, Ingoma Kayibanda yadukijije irimo iramuharanga imwita “Criminal Secterian” cyangwa umunyabyaha w’ irondakoko. Aya magambo muzayumva henshi no mu batutsi bahunze Kagame, kuko bose bari hamwe bategura kugarura iyi ngoma y’ umuvumo, bari hamwe bica Habyarimana, bari hamwe batera Congo aho bishe million zitabarika z’ aba BANTU.
Museveni yaberuriye rero. Abakigira imitwe itekereza, abagikunda U Rwanda, nimutekereze, mwere kwiyibagiza amateka y’ U Rwanda. Nimutegure intambara, muyitegure no mu mitwe y’ abana banyu. Abagore mubaze abagabo banyu icyo bamariye igihugu cyabo. Cyane cyane mwebwe Rubyiruko mutakigira igihugu, nimwitegure kurwanya iyi ngoma kugeza ku iraso rya nyuma. Cyangwa mwese muzambikwa Karinga.
Jean Paul Romeo Rugero



Byatangajwe mukinyamakuru IKAZE IWACUIbyo Museveni aherutse gutangariza abahutu, ni impanda y’ intambara ku mwana w’ umuhutu wese ari uwavutse, ari nutaravuka. Niba koko ibyo yavuze abyemera (kandi ibyo simbishidikanya). Imigambi ye ikomoka mu nzigo zimaze imyaka myinshi. Inzigo zuko muri 1959 akagabo kitwa Grégoire Kayibanda kasimbuye ibyigomeke by’ abami byari byarigize imana.
Toni Blair ari gutanga inama za nyuma
Toni Blair ari gutanga inama za nyuma
Burya ngo iyo abantu bicaye ku meza bose ntibaba bafungura. Abahutu cyane cyane abakiri bato, mwahishuriwe ibyo ababyeyi banyu bari barabuze uko babasobanurira. Nta cyiza nkiyo nyirubwite yivugiye imigambi n’ imigabo ye, kuko nta wamuhakanya cyangwa ngo abyirengagize. Museveni yatweretse (Twebwe Abahutu) ko turi abagaragu bagomba kuzajya bumvira umututsi cyangwa twakwanga tukambikwa Karinga. Kugirango ushobore kwicara ku meza yabo (nubwo utaba ufungura), ugomba kwihakana abakubyaye n’amateka yawe yose, keretse ay’ ubuja gusa.
Ukemera kandi ugashyira mu mutwe no mu mutima wawe ko ikitwa ubutegetsi atari ibikureba. Iyo umuntu yakwatse ubwo burenganzira bwose, agahanagura amateka yawe, akakwambura imitungo, uba utakiri umuntu, uba ubaye ikintu. Ni ukuvuga ko agaciro kawe ari akabarirwa mu bintu abantu batunga, mbese usigara umeze nk’igikoresho. Ni ukuvuga ko iyo Museveni n’ abafasha be bari mu manama, Abahutu mutabarwa mu bantu, ahubwo mubarwa mu bintu. Urugero nk’ imodoka, imashini..ariko ngo inka yo iraturuta. Akaba ariyo mpamvu ubona kwica abahutu ari nk’ umukino.
Maze iminsi mbona nandi magambo avugwa n’ abo mu rwa Gasabo, bavuga ngo FDLR nireke abana batahe bave mu mashyamba ya Congo bajye kwiga mu Rwanda. Bakiyibagiza ko abo bana batavutse ku biti, bari kumwe na ba nyina na ba se ku bakibafite. Uru ni urundi rugero rw’ ukuntu Iriya ngoma Hima-Tutsi ifata abahutu. Gutandukanya umwana na nyina cyangwa na se, ngo najye kurerwa n’abafite imitungo, ibyo byabaga cyane mu butegetsi bwakoreshaga ubucakara nko muri America ya cyera, U Rwanda rw’ abami b’ abanyiginya n’ abega, n’ izindi ngoma zishingiye mu kurya imitsi ya rubanda.
Abahutu rero aho bari ku isi hose, niba mutarumva neza ko mwagizwe IBINTU, nizere ko mucuti wacu Museveni yabibukije ko nubwo mwicaranye ku meza mwese mutari gufungura. Nimurye muri menge, abasore n’ inkumi mwige muri menge, ibyo ingoma ya Hima-Tutsi iduhishuriye, n’ikimenyetso ko umwirato wayo ugeze kure. N’ikimenyetso ko mu minsi iri imbere muzatangira gutotezwa, no guhigwa kuko muri Abahutu gusa. Muri ibintu ntabwo muri abantu. Abari muri RDF, abari muri za Kaminuza, mumenye ko umunsi uzaba umwe nkuko I Burundi byagendaga, bakabagandagura mu ijoro rimwe, mwe n’ imiryango yanyu, ariko mukomere ntirirarenga.
Bazababwira ngo muri intagondwa, ngo muri génocidaires, kandi bazi ko babeshya. Ibyo ntibizabace intege, kwirwananho ni uburenganzira bwanyu mwahawe n’ imana. Nta ngoma n’ imwe igomba kubabwira icyo muri cyo. Mu gihe ayo bibye muri Congo arimo abashirana, baraza guta imitwe ubwoba bubatahe, batangire babatoremo umwe umwe, babarigise. Ntimwicare ngo muterere agati mu ryinyo gusa, mwibwira ko Museveni yavuze biriya yasaze.Abanyapolitiki rero, Strategy na mission bigomba guhinduka.
Nibyo ibihe birakomeye cyane, Ingoma yabibahishuriye, ku bibwiragako bazagenda ku karasisi bagataha I KigaliIki ni igihe cyo kwiyunga tugafatanyiriza hamwe kugirango turwane n’ ingoma ya HIMA-TUTSI. Ndetse niba hari Abatutsi bahari batarwanya KAGAME GUSA, ahubwo nabo bashaka guhirika iriya ngoma nabo amaherezo ishobora kubamarisha, nibaze dufatanye. Iri shyano ry’ Ingoma za cyera mu 2014, ntabwo zizubaka, ahubwo zishobora kurimbura imbaga. Niyo mpamvu rero waba umuhutu, waba umututsi waba umutwa, uhamagawe n’ urwakubyaye kurukiza iki cyago cy’ Ingoma Hima-Tutsi, igambiriye gukora icyo mu muco wayo yita kuzimya inzigo.

Jean paul Romeo Rugero

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Kizito Mihigo; Burya koko ntawe uneza rubanda, par Gallican Gasana, forum DHR, 06/04/2014
Umuhanzi w'umuhanga Kizito Mihigo amaze iminsi ashyizwe mu majwi no mu ngorane yisobanura hato na hato ku 
ndirimbo ye yise 
"Igisobanuro cy'Urupfu"
Nyuma yo kwisobanura mu kinyamakuru igihe, akomeje kwisobanura hirya no hino azizwa ubuvanganzo bwe.

Kizito Mihigo natangiye kumukurikira mu mwaka wa 2004, muri 2005 ntangira kujya njya mu missa yateguriraga abanyarwanda mu ntangiriro za buri mwaka ku ya mbere Mutarama, mu rwego rwo gushimira Imana umwaka urangiye no kuyiragiza mu mwaka utangiye.
Maze kubona ubuhanga n'ubushishozi buvanze no gukunda Imana n'igihugu cye u Rwanda, niyemeje kujya iteka njya muri icyo gitambo cya missa Kizito Mihigo yaduteguriraga akanakizihiza.
Ibyo bitambo bya missa ibyinshi byaberaga muri kiriziya y’ amaraso matagatifu ya Kristu 
(Eglise du Précieux Sang) iri muri komine ya Uccle mu Mujyi wa Bruxelles.

Kizito muri ibyo bitambo bya missa yahuzaga abanyarwanda, abahutu n'abatutsi bose bazinduwe no gushima no gusaba Imana.

Icyakunze kugaragara cyane muri ibyo bitaramo, ni uko abahezanguni bo mu moko yose batamwibonagamo hakaba n'abihandagazaga bakemeza ko batajya mu missa ye kuko hajyayo abahutu benshi! 
Byakomeje bityo kugeza ubwo Kizito Mihigo aririmbye 
Mu cyunamo I Bruxelles ku ya 07 Mata 2007 mu ndirimbo ye yise"Ndibutse" noneho benshi batangira kumwibonamo no kumukunda cyane cyane na benshi mubatarajyaga mu missa ze batangira kumukunda no gukunda ibihangano bye kugeza atashye mu Rwanda mu mwaka wa 2010.
Muri iyi myaka yose Kizito nk'umuhanzi cyane cyane w'indirimbo zisingiza Imana yakomeje kugaragaza urukundo n'ubworoherane ku banyarwanda bose kandi biganisha k'ubwunvikane, k'ubwiyunge no k'ubumwe.
Bigaragarira cyane mu ndirimbo ze 
"Iteme" "Inuma" "Arc en ciel"

Kizito Mihigo mu buhanga bwe, yaje no gushaka kuvugurura ibihangano bye, abyerekeza k'ubuzima busanzwe bwa buri munsi ariko atibagiwe n'Imana rurema.
Nibwo yahimbye indilimbo nka
"Turi abana b'uRwanda" , 
"Intare yampaye agaciro", 
Kizito Mihigo kandi mu guhimba indilimbo kuri genocide yakorewe abatutsi ntiyagarukiye kuri "Ndibutse" ahubwo kuva aho agereye mu rwanda, yerekanye ubuhanga mu ndilimbo ze nka:
"Twanze gutoberwa amateka", "Umujinya mwiza", "Ibyishimo bibi"
None muri uyu mwaka yatugejejeho iyo yise "Igisobanuro cy'urupfu"

Izi ndilimbo za Kizito Mihigo, nsesenguye uko abanyarwanda bazibona; nazigabanyamo ibice bitatu.
1.indirimbo Abatutsi bibonamo.
Hari indirimbo abatutsi bibonamo kurusha izindi ahanini kuko ziririmba akababaro bagize muri genocide, izindi zigaha ibisingizo FPR.
"Twanze gutobetwa Amateka" 
"Turi abana b'uRwanda"
"Intare yampaye agaciro"

Ariko kandi iyo uzisesenguye neza nta kubogama, nta kibazo zagombye gutera.
2.Indirimbo Abahutu bibonamo
Usanga ahanini indirimbo za Kizito abahutu bibonamo kurusha izindi ari izivuga ubwiyunge n'ubumwe, kubabarira no kubabarirwa cyangwa se zerekana ko nabo bapfuye bishwe kandi nabo bagomba kwibukwa no gusabirwa ku Imana.
"Igisobanuro cy'urupfu"
Usesenguye izo ndirimbo usanga Kizito avuga ukuri nta mugambi wo gushimisha cyangwa kubabaza kanaka.

3.indirimbo mberabyombi
Urugero natanga ni nk'indirimbo
"Iteme" na Arc en ciel" abanyarwanda bose bibonamo kubera ziririmba ibyo abanyarwanda muri rusange bahuye nabyo kandi zikaba ziduhuza n'Imana.

Kizito Mihigo ni umuhanzi wo mu rwego rwo hejuru umaze kugaragaza ubuhanga n'ubwigenge(indépendance) mu bihimbano bye, atitaye ku maranga-mutima y'ubwoko ubwo aribwo bwose, ahubwo agamije kuvugisha ukuri no kutwereka inzira iganisha ku Imana.
Twari dukwiye kumuha urubuga ntitumuburabuze mu buhanzi bwe, tukamureka agakomeza agahanga kuko nitwunva ibyo atwigisha nta maranga-mutima tubishyizemo, nta kabuza bizadufasha kugera ku bwiyunge no kubabarirana bya nyabyo kandi biherekejwe n'imigisha y'Imana.

Ku bwanjye Kizito ndamushimira mbikuye ku mutima k'ubuhanga n'inyigisho nsanga mu ndirimbo ze, 
Ku bukirisitu n'ubushishozi ku cyerekezo cy'ubuzima.
Nkaboneraho gusaba abamwunva n'abamukunda bose kumushyigikira mu mpano Imana yamwihereye twitandukanya no kumuvugira ibyo atashatse kuvuga cyangwa kumuhata kuvuga ibyo twe dushaka kwunva.

Umuhutu niyunva 
"Twanze gutoberwa amateka"

ntibikamutere ikibazo kuko nyine ni amateka yacu, yaba mabi yaba meza.
Umututsi niyunva 
"Igisobanuro cy'urupfu"

ntakabigireho ikibazo kuko nta cyaha gihanagura ikindi n'ukuri ntikukice umutumirano.
Afite impano Imana yamwihereye kandi izagirira akamaro abanyarwanda muri rusange nitumwemerera akabisohoza uko abyiyunvamo.
Kizito Imana igukomeze kandi ikurinde, Inakwongerere ubuhanga n'ubushishozi mubyo ukora byose.

Gallican Gasana
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Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Izi video zikurikira nizukuntu FPR ifatanyije ningabo za Kabila bishe inzirakarengane zabahutu bava mu Rwanda no muli Congo guhera muli 1996 kugeza magingo aya. Kanda hano urebe urupfu rwakarengane abatutsi ba FPR bishe abahutu muli Congo.